Tent Meetings

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From Paul K. Williams, in South Africa:

  1. They are more effective in rural areas than in urban areas.
  2. The Jule Miller Film Strips are a great help in teaching.
  3. Tent meetings take a lot of physical work and a lot of looking after details.
  4. There is a good bit of damage, wear and loss--on pickup truck, trailer, tent, poles, lights, generator, amplifier and speaker, benches, speaker's stand, projector, song books, etc.
  5. It is not a one-man job. Brethren accompanying David are very helpful.
  6. Each meeting is different. You have to take things as you find them. Ability to handle drunks is helpful!
  7. The home classes and other calls made during the day are an essential part of a tent meeting's success.
  8. Even with the best kind of pre-baptism teaching and follow-up effort, one-half of the number baptized will prove to be still-born.
  9. Without good follow-up teaching, most of the others baptized will fall away.
  10. Years prove that some will continue to be faithful, and all the effort was justified.
Steve Rudd

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