Radio and TV for soulwinning

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Stats for typical hour religious programming:

  1. 60 Second Spots Work Best
  2. Audience Elderly: (79% are age 55+)
  3. Audience Small:
1958: 29%, 1985:4%
5000 in City of 1/2 million
Most Just passive listeners

Free Cable TV Ads available!

I had cable 14 put up a free rotating banner add for the three weeks. It actually worked! We had people come just because they saw this add on the local cable information channel. Here is a picture I grabbed via the video port on my computer:

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60 second Radio Ads work excellent!

Here is an example of a 60 second radio commercial done at WDCX that was quite effective.

WDCX 99.5 FM, Buffalo NY. Radio advertising. I bought 20 1 minute spots on the largest religious broadcaster in the area. It is out of Buffalo, but has huge listenership in Hamilton and Toronto. It cost $40 US per minute for a total of $800 US. Here is the script. I had only one sound effect. The high violin screech from the movie Psycho "Re Re Re Re". It is universally recognized as the sound of terror. Here is the script:

"Some churches say it a sin to worship on Sunday! Is Sunday worship the mark of the beast? [Re Re Re Re] Well, the Hamilton church of Christ strongly disagrees and worships every Sunday. But the Seventh day Adventist church, worships on Saturday. So together we are having a debate to determine exactly which day God wants us to worship Him. For three nights starting January 9, Steve Rudd, evangelist with the Hamilton church of Christ, and Albert Night, elder with the Adventist church will each give 35 minute lectures. Afterwards there will be a 1/2 hour open question period for you to participate. This event is free and no collections will be made. Is Sunday the Christian Sabbath? Was the Sabbath day changed to Sunday by the pope? [Re Re Re Re] Find out for yourself at 7 PM, January 9, 16 and 21st. at 450 Concession St. Hamilton, Ontario. Or Call 905-575-4564."

The denominational electronic church

"His sanctuary is your TV set His pulpit is a TV screen. Your pew is the easy chair in your living room. In lieu of sermons he delivers brief chats, and wouldn't dream of preaching on hell-it's bad for ratings. Some don't preach at all, but sit behind a Johnny Carson desk"

Steve Rudd

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