Random Telephone Evangelism to save souls!

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Telephone Assisted Evangelism:

by Steve Rudd

One problem common to most Canadian churches (or any small churches) is limited funds for evangelism. We just don't have the money for a correspondence course program which can typically cost anywhere from two-four hundred dollars a month to operate. Therefore there is a great need to find ways of spreading the gospel that are both effective and cost efficient.

The Virtues Of Telephone Assisted Evangelism:

  1. This method has been used by others and found to produce 65 contacts from 500 calls. That is about 1 in 8.
  2. It doesn't cost any money.
  3. Each of us have a SPECIFIC GOAL for the week to call a predetermined number of people. Between the five of us alone we will be calling 125 people a week.
  4. It energizes those members who don't feel they are able to teach. EVERY MEMBER CAN PARTICIPATE. The object is not to teach but just find those who are willing to study. Those who can teach do the actual follow-up.

The Phone Book:

  1. Every member has one.
  2. Gives us the prospects name BEFORE WE CALL.
  3. It is a permanent typed record book that eliminates the tedium of copying names and addresses.
  4. When marked with colour coded felts, it has enhanced value.

It Has Advantages Over A Correspondence Course:

  1. Advertising is done by phone not by newspaper: a substantial savings
  2. Produces immediate personal studies
  3. You can sense the nature and magnitude of the "prospects" interest in spiritual things while talking.
  4. It is aggressive in the sense that we call them; where as a correspondence course is passive because we must wait for them to write us.

It Has Advantages Over Door Knocking:

  1. TWICE the number o people can be contacted in the same time.
  2. Calling is done at one's own convenience when he has time to do it.
  3. Poses no hindrance to working when it is 30 below or raining outside.
  4. There is no need to assemble with others, which eliminates the excuse "I couldn't help this week."
  5. It doesn't invade a persons privacy and put them on the spot like going to their door.
  6. There is no travelling time to and from an area or between houses thus eliminating the need of a car.
  7. Follow up is always more efficient by phone.


Try for a home study FIRST and then if that fails suggest anything else.


It takes about 45 minutes to make 25 calls and the results were: 9 didn't answer/out of service or disconnected

13 said no 3 said yes

Lord bless your efforts!

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The "Short And Sweet" "Quick start" Script used by Steve Rudd

Hello Mrs. ____, my name is ____, and I am calling people at random out of the phone book to find those who are interested in studying the Bible. Would you be interested in studying the Bible Mrs. ____?

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Longer Phone script developed by Steve Rudd

Note: This script was what I developed for church use after taking a formal course in formal professional telephone marketing. (Thom Norman course) There are many features built into the script below that professional telephone marketers use. I merely mirrored them for church use in evangelism.

Mr(s). _______ [say their last name] please.

Mr (s) . ________ _______ [say both their first and last name to generate interest]

Mr(s). _______ [last name] This is ______. I'm associated with a local group of non-denominational Christians. My reason for calling you is very special.

Mr(s). _____ [last name] are you familiar with our two minute recorded Bible message program named Bible Call?

Well fine... Actually, we offer Bible Call in an effort to encourage the people of Whitehorse to study their Bibles. How important is the Bible in your life?

We feel that Bible study will:

  1. Provide answers to many of life's problems
  2. Give your life a sense of purpose
  3. Help replace anxiety and frustration with inward peace
  4. Stimulate harmony and happiness in your home

In keeping with our desire to encourage all to study their Bible, we have out together a special series of Bible lessons.

Mr(s). ________ we'd be happy to drop by and share these lessons with you at your convenience.

Would morning, afternoon or evening be better for you?

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Phone script by Rod MacArthur:

Hello, may I please speak with __________

Hi, my name is ____ I'm calling on behalf of a group of Christians who meet herein town. How are you tonight? (I'm thankful., etc.)

The reason for my call is this: we have a service that we're offering absolutely free of charge. I thought you might be interested. We have a 30 minute cassette tape which discusses the Bible as God's word to man. We also have a four-lesson correspondence course on the Bible. Which of these would you like us to send you?

"NO" --> Thank You Very Much for your time, Good Bye.

"YES`--> Great, May I have your complete mailing address? We'll get it in the mail ASAP Thank You Very much for your time, Good Bye.

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