How to be saved!


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New Life in Christ!

You must be born again!

John 3:3-5 + Mark 16:16 + Acts 2:38
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Step #1: Hear

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Step #2: Believe

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Click to ViewBible Faith defined

Click to ViewThe True Story of Jesus Christ!

Click to ViewIs Jesus Christ, God's only true Son?

Click to ViewAre we Saved By Faith Only?

Click to ViewAre we saved by Faith without Works?

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0Step #3: Repent

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Click to ViewChristians Should Be Different!

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Step #4: Confess our faith to others:

Confession is where we tell others we believe in Christ. Before we become Christians, it is important for us to openly state that Jesus is the Son of God who rose from the dead the third day. After we become Christians through water baptism, it means that we must be evangelistic in leading others to Christ. This as a bare minimum requires us to at least inform others that we are Christians when the need of the moment requires us to do so. Confession in this sense, is not a confession of sins, but a confession of faith. See: Matt 10:32-33; Luke 9:26; Rom 10:9-10; Acts 8:36-37



Step #5: Baptism by immersion for remission of sins

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Click to ViewMust I be baptized to be saved and have my sins forgiven?

Why Be Baptized?

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Click to ViewHow can I be born again? We are born again at our water Baptism!

Click to ViewHave you been Baptized with The Wrong Baptism?

Sprinkling instead of immersion: Just because Catholic pope John Paul II did the baptism, doesn't mean God accepts it as Bible baptism.!
Catholic baptism is invalid!

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Click to ViewCatholic Baptism is not Bible baptism! Not even John Paul II can make right, an infant baptism by sprinkling, that is wrong according to the Bible!

Click to View Objections to baptism as essential to salvation refuted

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Step #6: Remain faithful till death

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Click to ViewIs weekly Church Attendance Essential?

Click to View Attending church for 24 wrong reasons. Also 12 excuses people use for not attending church.

Click to ViewWill you pass the Self-Evaluation test for Christians!

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Click to ViewCould you endure the Persecution of early Christians?

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Why people will go to hell:

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Click to ViewThe "sinners prayer" is not in the Bible, and won't save you!

Click to ViewDoes your salvation experience match the Bible Blueprint?

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Click to ViewI would become a Christian... Except for Those Hypocrites In The Church!!!

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Click to ViewHow Can Man Be Justified With God?

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Self-Test: Determine for yourself if you are lost or saved!

Determine for yourself if you are lost or saved!

Lesson #1: Our Eternal Salvation

Lesson #2: God's Warning

Lesson #3: Eternity

Lesson #4: Our Sin Problem

Lesson #5: The Nature Of God

Lesson #6: Christ Paid Our Penalty

Lesson #7: The Grace Of God

Lesson #8: Lets Get Personal!

Lesson #9: Doing God's Will

Lesson #10: Believing In God And Christ

Lesson #11: Repentance

Lesson #12: Confessing Christ

Lesson #13: Must We Be Baptized To Be Saved?

Lesson #14: Must We Be Baptized For Remission Of Our Sins?

Lesson #15: The Cleansing Blood Of Christ

Lesson #16: Becoming A Child Of God

Lesson #17: Baptized Into Christ

Lesson #18: Obedience To The Gospel

Lesson #19: Baptism Is Immersion

Lesson #20: Infants Are Not Lost

Lesson #21: Man Is Not To Change What God Says

Lesson #22: The Lord's Church (Part A)

Lesson #23: The Lord's Church (Part B)

Lesson #24: The Lord's Church (Part C)

Lesson #25: Summary


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