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Sermon #7

"The Hopes" Sermon Series

The Superiority of the Christian's hope of Salvation, with a view to Islam.

I. Islam rejects blood atonement and Substitutionary death

Muslims will claim that the whole concept of blood atonement and Substitutionary death is a forgery and a fraud and not from God. Since they reject inherited sin, Muslims will emphasize passages like Ezek 18:20 where each man will pay for his own sin. Muslims love to use the illustration of the speeding ticket. They say, "Why should I have to pay for someone else's speeding ticket? That is why the idea of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins is wrong." Yet Muhammad had simply not thought through his theology very well because it has not dawned on Muslims that when they say that when Simon or Judas were made to die in Jesus place, so he could escape death, this man paid the speeding ticket on behalf of Christ. Hence Muslim Theology is completely contradictory, for since Qur'an 4:157 says that God made someone take on the physical appearance of Jesus and died in his place, they not only have someone paying for a speeding ticket they did not deserve, they also have Substitutionary death.

Here we see Muslims trying to pay for their own sins by self inflicted beatings, instead of letting Jesus pay for their sins on the cross.

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Little do these ignorant pagans know that this man-made religion is false. Man cannot atone for his own sin before God. They can either believe Christians now, or wait to hear their doom on judgement day from their risen Saviour Jesus Christ!

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II. The hope:

The entire plan of salvation and hope was foreknown before the foundation of the world: 1 Pe 1:20

III. Seeing that no one could save man, God himself became the savior!

John 20:28 "my lord and God"?

Titus 2:13-14 "looking for the blessed hope and the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior ,Jesus Christ?"

1 Peter 1:1 "Jesus is our God and Savior"

IV. Stories of Substitutionary Sacrifice:

Quran 12:3.10: "We do relate unto thee the most beautiful of stories, in that We reveal to thee this (portion of the) Qur'an: before this, thou too was among those who knew it not."

  1. Friendly Chief Fell In Between: Colonel Byrd, of Virginia, fell into the hands of the Cherokees, and was condemned to death. In the tribe was a chief who had before been his friend. At the approach of the executioners, the Indian threw himself upon the intended victim, saying, "This man is my friend; before you can get at him, you must kill me." This saved him.
  2. Peace Child: In a book entitled Peace Child, Don Richardson records the moving account of how the Sawi people of Irian Jaya came to understand salvation through Jesus Christ. For many months he and his family sought for some way to communicate the gospel to this tribe. Then they discovered the key for which they had been praying. All demonstrations of kindness expressed by the Sawi were regarded with suspicion except one act. If a father gave his own son to his enemy, his sacrificial deed showed that he could be trusted! Furthermore, everyone who touched that child was brought into a friendly relationship with the father. The Sawi were then taught that in a similar way God's beloved Son could bring them eternal peace. (Our Daily Bread)
  3. Lincoln's Substitute: In Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, there is the grave of a Civil War soldier. The stone bears the date of his birth and death, and then these words: "Abraham Lincoln's substitute." In the woe and anguish of the war, realizing that thousand upon thousands were falling in his place on the field of battle, Lincoln chose to honor one particular soldier as his substitute and make him a symbol, as it were, of the fact that the soldiers who perished in battle were dying that others might live.
  4. Substitute At Palmyra: In Palmyra on October 17, 1862, during the war an informer in the town disappeared and the commander-in-charge ordered ten men to be shot in reprisal. Several men were being detained in Palmyra jail as prisoners- of-war at that time, and ten men were selected from among them. Of this number, one was Wm. T. Humphrey, that father of several children, whose wife pleaded for his release. Because of her physical condition and because Humphrey was the father of several children, the commanding officer struck his name off, and substituted the name of Hiram Smith, a young man without a family. Smith gave his consent and stated that perhaps it were better for a single man to die rather than a man with a family. At Mt. Pleasant Church cemetery in Mt. Salem Association is a stone erected with an inscription which reads: This monument is dedicated to the memory of Hiram Smith. The hero that sleeps beneath the sod here Who was shot at Palmyra, Oct. 17, 1862, as a substitute for Wm. T. Humphrey, my father. (G. W. Humphrey)
  5. Substitute At Auschwitz: In October 1972, a crowd of 150,000 Europeans gathered between the barracks and crematories of the Auschwitz extermination camp to honor a man who gave his life to save a fellow prisoner. The martyr was Rev. Maximillian Kolbe, a Franciscan priest, who stepped forward to take the place of Sgt. Franciszek Gajowniczek. It happened in July 1941. Gajowniczek had been selected at random by Nazi guards to die. When the victim pleaded for his life, so that he might see his wife and children, the priest stepped forward and offered to take the doomed man's place. Rev. Kolbe told the guards that he was alone in the world and would be willing to die instead of the sergeant. A few weeks later Rev. Kolbe died from starvation and a dose of carbolic acid. Gajowniczek survived the rigors of Auschwitz and was reunited with his loved ones at the end of the war. At the 1972 ceremonies he spoke with moving simplicity. He said he wanted to express his thanks for the gift of life he received, and wanted to honor Rev. Kolbe for his heroic sacrifice. (David S. McCarthy)
  6. Abrahamic Substitute! Isaac for Christ! Only Christianity has the real reason why God did this!
  7. The Twice-Saved Churchill: A wealthy family in England, took their children to the country. The children went swimming in a pool. One of the boys began to drown. The son of the gardener jumped in and rescued the helpless one. The grateful parents asked the gardener what they could do for the youthful hero. The gardener said his son wanted to go to collegeó"He wants to be a doctor." "We'll be glad to pay his way through," they told him. When Winston Churchill was striken with pneumonia after the Teheran Conference, the King of England instructed that the best doctor be found to save the Prime Minister. The doctor was Mr. Fleming, the developer of penicillin. "Rarely," said Churchill to Fleming, "has one man owed his life twice to the same rescuer." It was Fleming who saved Churchill in that pool.

V. The refused pardon:

Why Wilson Was Hanged: In 1829 George Wilson, in Pennsylvania, was sentenced to be hanged by a United States Court for robbing the mail and for murder. President Andrew Jackson pardoned him, but this was refused, and Wilson insisted that it was not a pardon unless he accepted it. That was a point of law never before raised, and the President called the Supreme Court to decide. Chief Justice John Marshall gave the following decision: "A pardon is a paper, the value of which depends upon its acceptance by the person implicated. It is hardly to be supposed that one under sentence of death would refuse to accept a pardon, but if it is refused, it is no pardon. George Wilson must be hanged!" And he was hanged. (Sunday School Times.)

  1. Muslims reject the pardon of their sins through the blood of Christ.
  2. Judgement day will not be kind to any Muslim.

VI. How to be saved: more

  1. Believe in Jesus as the divine son of God. more
  2. Repent of your sins and change the way you live from evil to good according to the pattern of Godly living in the New Testament. more
  3. Be prepared to tell your friends and families you have converted to Christianity and that you are no longer Muslim and that you believe Jesus is the son of God. Matt 10:32-33; Luke 9:26; Rom 10:9-10; Acts 8:36-37
  4. Be immersed in water for the remission of your sins. more
  5. Start meeting with a local congregation of Christians. Find a local church

  Written by Brother Andrew


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