ORIGIN OF THE ORTHODOX AND ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH: Graphical representation of the slow apostacy away from the Bible organization of the church!
Roll your mouse over the DATE to see how the organization changed from what is in the Bible. The first century church had one level of organizaituon, elders/overseers/shepherds.In AD 381, the final organizational evolution of the Orthodox church was achieved with 5 levels of organization. In AD 606, the final organization evolution of the Roman Catholic church was achieved with 3 levels of organization. Time to stop worshipping God with man-made doctrines and organizations and begin following the simple organization of the Apostolic church.

Click to View Bible: 33-100AD All elders equal. Bible only for doctrine (elder/bishop one office)
150 AD One elder exalted above the others (elder/bishop still one office) Bible still rules
200 AD One Bishop per church overseeing the eldership (elder/bishop two offices) Bible only
250 AD One diocesan Bishop overseeing other Bishops of other churches. Still bible only
300 AD One Metropolitan Bishop overseeing other diocesan Bishops (Creeds replace Bible)
381 AD One Patriarch overseeing Metropolitans (Man replaces Creeds)

Let's Restore Bible organization of the church!

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John Paul II
Catholic, Bishop of Rome, Pope

The Historical Development of the Papal and Patriarchal Systems of Centralized Church Government
33-606 AD:
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Click to ViewOutline: 606 AD-Today
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Orthodox, Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch

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