Psychiatry is a vicious enemy of Christianity and the Bible.

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Psychiatry is Anti-Christian
Psychiatry is unBiblical
Psychiatry is Atheistic
Psychiatry is Humanistic
Psychiatry is Evolutionist


  1. Jesus Christ created man in 6 literal 24 hours days about 6000 years ago. 2000 years ago, God became man, walked among us and died upon a cross to shed his blood to save us from eternal damnation in hell because of our personal sin. We are Bible believing Christians washed in the blood of Christ. We invite you to join us in being born again through faith in Jesus Christ, repentance of your sins, confession of Jesus to others, water baptism for the forgiveness of your sins and a life of willing obedience to God. You will then be cured of your sin problem by Jesus, the "Doctor of your soul". The Bible has much to say about insanity and mental illness. This will often come as a huge surprise to gospel preachers and Christians alike who are victims of one of the most successful false advertising campaigns in history at the hands of the mental health industry and pharmaceutical companies. The word psychiatrist literally means, "Doctor of the soul" and was coined in 1808 AD by Christian Reil who believed the cause of insanity was spiritual and not the physical body. A "biological or chemical psychiatrist" believes insanity has its origin in the physical body, not the spirit and treats insanity as a medical condition with drugs and electric shocks. "Chemical psychiatry", being predominantly atheist, views Charles Darwin as their prophet, evolution as their religion and humanism as their statement of faith. Evolution is actually a cause of depression and anxiety, because it provides no hope, meaning or purpose for living. Realizing you were created by a loving God for an exciting eternal purpose, fills the soul with joy, hope, purpose and meaning and is a cure for anxiety and depression. Chemical psychiatry rejects Jesus Christ as creator and replaces Him with atheistic evolutionary humanism as its foundation. Looking to the body alone for the cause of insanity and using drugs and shocks as their only cure, biologic psychiatrists are the blind, using blind cures to heal the blinded.
  2. The Bible explicitly teaches that man has a spirit and a soul that is not only entirely distinct from the body, it consciously survives death. Eccl 12:7 says that at death: "then the dust (body) will return to the earth as it was, and the spirit will return to God who gave it." Ecclesiastes 12:7. This concept of the dual nature of man is rejected by most everyone in the psychiatric community.
  3. The Bible explicitly teaches that when a person dies, they do not cease to exist, but continue in conscious existence with all their memories intact awaiting judgement from God for everything they have done on the earth. The bible provides no exception for the behaviour of mentally ill people. Sin will be judged.
  4. The Biblical doctrine of the dichotomous nature of man, being composed of an immaterial spirit and a physical body is called the "Moral/spiritual model" in Biblical Psychiatry.
  5. Scientifically, the human body is composed of the 118 elements of the periodic table. The spirit is composed of the same stuff God is made of. Just as God existed long before He created the 118 elements in the beginning (about 6000 years ago) so too the spirit of man is not made of physical stuff. The human spirit consciously survives death and enters the "spirit world" and awaits judgement at the second coming of Christ.
  6. Psychiatry is founded upon the "biological/chemical model" which is opposed to the "Moral/spiritual model" revealed in scripture. Psychiatry views man as wholly physical, just a bunch of chemicals and denies the both the existence of God and the spirit of man.
  7. Psychiatry openly mocks and ridicules God and Christians, calling Christian theology "foolish, misleading and obsolete". The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is called the "Bible of Psychiatry". The DSM-IV is the central and most important book for classifying and diagnosing mental illnesses in North America. The most recent edition (2004 AD) has this to say about the Christian view that man has a spirit that is distinct from his body: ""organic" versus "non-organic" dichotomy foolish and obsolete" ... "misleading derivative dichotomies" "Ryle's exorcism of the "ghost in the machine" (DSM-IV-TR Guidebook, 2004 AD, p 85, p14)
  8. Saying, "Psychiatry is a vicious enemy of Christians" are harsh words. The truth is, the only one's that are unaware of this are Christians! Psychiatry openly declared war on Christianity over 100 years ago! Psychiatrists are trained to subvert Christianity. Christians are simply ignorant of the battle by confusing Psychiatry as a legitimate field of medicine. When Psychiatrists read this page their response is: "Those dumb Christians! We have been kicking them around for 100 years and they finally caught on! The cat is out of the bag! What took them so long?"
  9. There are Psychiatrists who reject the Biological/chemical view, but they are very rare! The Biological/chemical view is taught as a foundation in Psychiatry just like evolution is taught as a foundation to biology.
  10. Psychiatry today, is a direct outgrowth of atheism, humanism and evolution denying God and teaching man is a mere animal.
  11. Psychiatry is philosophically opposed to Christianity: A psychiatry industry study confirms psychiatry and Christianity are at war!


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Psychiatrists believe...
Jesus was schizophrenic!

Psychologists are so viciously anti-Christian they even call Jesus a mental patient and a paranoid schizophrenic!


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Psychiatry wants to replace the church with itself:

Psychology is the "new religion" imposing their own personal atheistic and humanistic value system upon unsuspecting individuals. Psychiatry has positioned itself to replace the church and Christianity for guidance and life's answers!


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God is a brain trick?

Psychiatry believes that faith in God, spirit and soul are trick played by the brain. Now that Casper has learned he doesn't exist, will Casper have to go into psychotherapy?


The "Chemical view" of modern Psychiatry

Modern Psychiatry takes the anti-Christian view that man is nothing more than chemicals and Neurons,
that man has no spirit or soul,
that belief in God is bad genetics,
that the brain is a binary computer,
that the mind and person hood are illusions,
that freewill does not exist,
that mental illness always has a biological cause.

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The God Helmet

Invented in 2002 AD by psychologist Michael Persinger to induce a spiritual experience into the brain with magnetism.

Psychiatrists, already adherents to evolution, believe the prevalence of religion in all cultures is because of a malfunctioning part of the brain! Even atheist Richard Dawkins embarrassed himself by flying 7000 miles to try it on and experience God for himself!

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Bad Advice:

Remembering and getting angry is better than forgiving and forgetting

Psychologists use therapy methods that are opposite to what the Bible says!

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High Self-esteem is a sin

Psychologists promote high self-esteem rather than Biblical selflessness

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Deny personal responsibility

Psychologists view mental patients as victims, deny personal responsibility and look for an outside perpetrator

Psychiatry blame shifts and rejects personal accountability.

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Psychiatry's rejection of morals, judging, advice giving, mentoring, is opposite to Christianity

Psychiatry opposes the idea of absolute right and wrong, but advocates a moral relativism. Psychiatry's rejects mentoring, judging and advice giving. All this is opposite to what the Bible says we should do.

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Answers lie within self, rather than from God, is opposite to Christianity.


Psychiatry's practice of seeking answers already within the patient, rather than from God sin is opposite to Christianity.


Psychiatry believes the solutions to problems are within the each man himself. This of course proves that going to such a councilor for solutions to problems is irrelevant, since he will refuse to offer his own opinion or solutions to anything.

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Knowledgeable Christians make councilors than Psychiatrists with 11 years of university.


Preachers do it better.

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By Steve Rudd: Contact the author for comments, input or corrections.

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