Psychiatry falsely imprisons innocent people
Saskatchewan Satanic Ritual sex abuse scandals

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Psychiatry damages society and individuals
The mental health system causes harm to both individuals and society as a whole.

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Psychiatry falsely imprisons innocent people

Psychiatrists cause many innocent people to be falsely imprisoned because of the bogus "repressed memory syndrome" where children or adults are coached by psychiatrists to remember crimes that never happened. From false memories of child molestation to "satanic ritual child abuse", to custody cases in divorce, thousands of lives have been destroyed.


  1. The Saskatchewan Satanic Ritual sex abuse scandals cost an excess of 100 million dollars to society and taxpayers. All of this cost was incurred because of the Psychiatry industry.
  2. If people are getting hurt in court... there is a psychiatrist lurking in the shadows! Psychiatry falsely imprisons innocent people.
  3. In a shocking trend, Psychiatry has gained credibility to the point that they are experts that the courts trust, even though their entire industry is founded upon a false assumptions and unproven science.
  4. There is an undue trust extended Psychiatrists by judges, politicians, law enforcement and the general public. It is a recent and dangerous trend.
  5. The problem is founded in Fraud's theory of "repressed memories" from childhood sexual trauma. Almost no one uses Fraud as system any more, but the basic concept of repression is front and center Psychiatry today. Repressed Memory Syndrome is junk science and a myth
  6. There are literally thousands of examples of the damage that psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists inflict upon people in court.
  7. There are countless examples today where a person enters the world of "junk science psychotherapy" for anxiety and before you know it, Bingo! They are revealing under hypnosis that their father sexually abused them. The Father is jailed, fired from his job, divorced by his wife, shunned as a pedophile for life. But all false and the father was totally innocent. The false memories were implanted into the woman via hypnosis by money hungry "junk science psychiatrists" who need a client base to keep the cup holders in their BMW's full of their flavored coffees.
  8. Movies like "Sybil", and "The faces of eve" have actually coached thousands of viewers into thinking they have multiple personalities as a result of forgotten sexual abuse as a child. Fraud would be very pleased! Problem is, its all false!
  9. Psychiatrists falsely imprison innocent people with "repressed memory syndrome" and "satanic ritual child abuse".
  10. Tana Dineen is a PhD level psychologist since 1975. She says: "It should not be expected that solutions will come from with-in an industry that is so clearly intent on self-promotion. Psychologists ignore the ethical standards they claim to uphold; "do no harm" is a point forgotten when these professional organizations address complaints of damage from false interpreting, remembering and naming. And the practice of psychologizing and pathologizing is now so widespread that it is difficult to garner political support to stop the practice, even in its most harmful forms." (Manufacturing Victims, Dr. Tana Dineen, 2001, p 272)
  11. We have chosen two key cases that everyone has heard of: The two cases of Saskatchewan Satanic Ritual sex abuse scandals.

Saskatchewan Satanic Ritual sex abuse scandals

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The Saskatchewan satanic ritual sexual abuse sex scandals:

1. The Saskatoon case of Michael Ross and Dale & Anita Klassen in 1987-1989

Lyle and Marilyn Thompson's special foster home for ritually abused children in Warman in 1989 where Michael Ross accused the Klassens.

2. The Martensville case of Ron and Linda Sterling 1992

These cases underscore the kind of damage that Psychiatry inflicts upon society and individuals. All of it grounded in the debunked theories of Fraud's repression.

None of this would ever have happened in nobody from the Psychiatry industry had been involved. Their involvement was the catalyst that got it start and the engine that kept it going!


  1. 1987 - 1992 was a time when Satanic cults were a popular subject of discussion. Everyone was talking about them, frightened by them. It was a time when the Saskatchewan Department of Social Services was actually wasting the few tax dollars they got on seminars about the Ritual Abuse of Children.
  2. They even opened a special foster home (Lyle and Marilyn Thompson) specifically for "ritually abused children" in Warman, Saskatchewan, a few miles from Saskatoon. We must wonder what effect the Thompson's had in the case. After all, their home was set up for "ritually abused children" and low and behold, it was in their home that Michael Ross first reported satanic ritual sexual abuse at his previous foster parents. In fact, Michael Ross was the very first child to be placed in the "Thompson Special Foster Home for ritually abused children". Wow! Imagine all the tax dollars wasted! All this money setting up a special foster home for victims of "ritual sexual abuse" based upon the advice of staff junk psychiatrists, and their very first customer turns out to be just that: A victim of "ritual sexual abuse" ! Go figure? And this was the same year Field of Dreams (1989) coined that memorable quote: "If you build it they will come!"
  3. Of course the chances of a Satanic cult operating in the rural province of Saskatchewan with population of less than a million people, is about as likely as finding cows being herded through Time Square in NYC. But the locals needed something to talk about and talk they did. Everyone was worried that the Satanists were secretly operating in their quiet wheat fields.
  4. What is shocking is the parallel between these two cases. They happened within 17 km of each other in a tiny rural province of Canada that has a total population of less than 1 million. Satanic Ritual sexual abuse was forefront in the popular media. The government had just opened a special foster home for victims of Satanic Ritual sexual abuse. All this was based upon the "professional advice" of junk psychiatrists, pop psychotherapists and left wing social workers.
  5. The sequence was easy to follow: 1. The special foster home Satanic Ritual sexual abuse was set up in 1987. 2. Michael Ross moves into this foster home and falsely accuses former foster parents Dale and Anita Klassen of Satanic Ritual sexual abuse in 1987. 3. The case in Martensville where Ron and Linda Sterling were falsely accused of Satanic Ritual sexual abuse out of their daycare.
  6. These cases underscore the kind of damage that Psychiatry inflicts upon society and individuals. All of it grounded in the debunked theories of Fraud's repression.
  7. Stately bluntly: None of this would ever have happened in nobody from the Psychiatry industry had been involved. Their involvement was the catalyst that got it start and the engine that kept it going!

Case 1: Saskatchewan Satanic Ritual sex abuse scandals: 1987

The Saskatoon case: Michael Ross and foster parents Dale and Anita Klassen

  1.  In 1987, Dale and Anita Klassen were foster parents for 9 year old Michael Ross his younger twin sisters in their Saskatoon, Saskatchewan home.
  2. In 1989, Michael Ross had abused his twin sisters (Michelle and Kathy) and was placed with new foster parents: Lyle and Marilyn Thompson. This was a special foster home set up by the government specifically for children of "ritual sexual abuse" Michael Ross was the very first child placed there! Immediately after arriving, he started telling false stories of Satanic ritual sexual abuse at the hands of Dale and Anita Klassen, their former foster parents.
  3. In fact Michael Ross had never suffered sexual abuse. He learned to sexually abuse his sisters from pornography on TV, not as a victim of sexual assault himself as Psychiatrist's wrongly assumed.
  4. Michael Ross and his twin sisters all claimed that they had endured child-adult orgies, human ritual sacrifice of babies, satanic ritual abuse, bestiality with dogs and flying bats, drinking blood and urine, eating human eyeballs and feces.
  5. 16 adults were falsely charged based solely on the words of the three siblings. Several were wrongly convicted.
  6. Rev. Colin Clay was an Anglican and the Chaplain at the University Of Saskatchewan where he was also the provincial expert in cults. Colin Clay ran the "Committee Against Ritual Abuse of Children", that taught that a satanic cult was sexually abusing and sacrificing children in Saskatoon and surrounding area. While Clay must take responsibility in causing false imprisonment's of innocent people in the Saskatchewan Satanic Ritual sex abuse scandals, it is the mental health community and psychiatric experts who were primarily responsible. Colin Clay was and is an ultra liberal ecumenical left wing leader in the Anglican church. He really doesn't believe the Bible is God's inspired word. In addition to the damage he did in the Saskatchewan Satanic Ritual sex abuse scandals, he testified before a Human Rights Commission "as a Christian who really knows his bible", that the Bible really doesn't condemn deviant sex practitioner sex and that the Bible is all about love, no judgement. It related to the case of Hugh Owens of Regina, SK, who published a bumper sticker in 1997 highlighting the Bible's condemnation against gay sex. Anglican Rev. Colin Clay stood up and agreed with the worthless testimony of the gay friendly church: Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto before the HRC. The Anglican church of Canada has recently undergone a split when they supported gay marriage and ordination. So Colin Clay would have done Saskatchewan a favour, had he merely joined the Metropolitan Community Church when he was 20 years old and gone into factory work for the rest of his life instead of ministry. The point is that the "psychiatric experts" provided the "clinical" etiology (cause) for Michael Ross (at age 8) to sexually assault his younger twin sisters. Psychiatrists testified in court with their "expert opinions" that essentially gave a "medical/scientific" backing to the wacky religious views of Rev. Colin Clay. Had the Psychiatric community given information to the contrary, it may have killed the cases.
  7. Junk-science Psychiatrist, Dr George Fraser got his big chance as an "expert court witness" to become famous and tell the world about his wacky theory that Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and Ritual Abuse (RA) were the etiology (cause) of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). George Fraser was a department head of psychiatry at Royal Ottawa Hospital, in Ontario, Canada. He was also a member of the International Society for the Study of Multiple Personality and Dissociation (ISSD). In court many ISSD experts got a chance to advance and advertise their personal theories rooted the long debunked Freudian theory of repressed memories.
  8. In 1990, Michelle Ross claimed she witnessed human sacrifices, even though she was only two at the time. She said she remembered being forced to eat a neighbor's newborn infant that was skinned, barbecued, cut in pieces, placed in boxes and buried in the backyard. Pop psychiatrists like George Fraser and his group of "International Society for the Study of Multiple Personality and Dissociation" all believed that a two year old could really remember all these details. One patient apparently remembered getting stuck in her mother's fallopian tube shortly after conception! Wow! Great argument against abortion and proof that life begins at conception!
  9. Michelle later testified in court as an adult that the stories were invented by her older brother to create a smokescreen for his own sexual abuse against her! She testified: "I was raped by my brother, not by all these other people I said I was. I want people to know that."
  10. Child psychotherapist Carol Bunko-Ruys, under instruction from the Department of Social Services was a central figure in causing the false convictions. Michelle had written a letter to Carol Bunko-Ruys and told her of her brother's threats: "...he gave me a threat. The threat was this: that if I told on him he would put me in a high, high tree and cut the tree with an axe and make me bruise my body." Micheal even admitted to the therapist: "Me and Michelle were s-c-r-e-w-i-n-g," spelling out letter by letter. None of this phased the mental health community with their Freudian theories. Justice George Baynton issued a 44 page ruling in which he said Carol Bunko-Ruys, the psychotherapist "had malice" in prosecuting the case and ruled that child therapist Carol Bunko-Ruys had maliciously prosecuted a dozen people involved in the case.
  11. In the end, all three children admitted to both lying and inventing the entire story. The only real abuser was Michael Ross, who abused his two younger sisters.
  12. All charges were dropped and millions were paid out in malicious prosecution awards.
  13. Junk psychotherapist Carol Bunko-Ruys has shamelessly attempted avoid the charge of malicious prosecution long after all the details were known to her. This highlights that she was in fact a central figure in the whole matter of malicious prosecution. It also shows how dangerous and damaging the entire psychiatric community is to society.
  14. The Calgary Herald newspaper summed up the sensational case of satanic ritual human sacrifices: "The only sacrifices committed in the Saskatoon case were made by the officials who sacrificed the most elementary principles of justice on the twin altars of pop psychology and political correctness." (Suffer the adults, Calgary Herald, 3 Jan 2004)

Case 2: Saskatchewan Satanic Ritual sex abuse scandals: 1992

The Martensville case of Ron and Linda Sterling: Daycare

  1. In April 24, 1992, Ron and Linda Sterling babysat kids out of their house. It wasn't a formal daycare, but they did keep a number of children on a regular basis. A mother mistook diaper rash for abuse while being babysat. Her child said: "a stranger poked at my bum with a pink rope". Other children being babysat in the home were interviewed and were unaware of any wrongdoing.
  2. Rookie officer Claudia Bryden and fellow officer Rod Moor interviewed the children in an unprofessional way and the children started to lie and invent the entire story.
  3. The children claimed: they were groped, performed oral sex, a vibrator inserted in their bottoms, threatened with guns at the daycare. Then the kids lied more by saying they had been driven to "Devil Church" which became known as satanic cult called "The Brotherhood of The Ram", where the kids said they are sexually abused in the context of satanic ritual. The children claimed on of the Satanists had had cut off a child's nipple and eaten it. At the "Devil Church" the kids invented the story about being stripped, put inside a suspended cage and poked at by the Satanists, forced to drink urine, eat feces, an axe handle was shoved up their bums, put inside a freezer, sexually abused on a water bed and threatened with guns if they told anyone. The kids were shown pictures of a blue building and they all lied that it was the place where they were taken. The children's lies grew with time and suddenly they recalled police uniforms and patrol cars. They even picked out officers from three distinct police forces!
  4. The only evidence was the "word" of the children. The interview tapes revealed that authorities asked leading questions. Most shocking, was that the kids were rewarded and praised if they answered with anything that supported the "Satanic cult" theory.
  5. 8 people were falsely charged including a jail guard and 5 police officers. Several were false convicted. Millions of dollars were warded to them for malicious prosecution after many years of litigation.
  6. False memories #1: A police raid at the Sterling's home produced the couple's private vibrator. TV crews filmed and broadcast the vibrator. However, because of bad lighting, it appeared to be tri-coloured: (Red White and Blue) In fact the vibrator was flesh coloured. Later a child claimed that a red, white and blue vibrator was used on them. Of course, it was easy to prove that the child had invented the story from the news story.
  7. False memories #2: Photographs of the blue building, that was the coven for the satanic cult, had been published that showed wire cages on the wall. This was the where the children got the idea that they were suspended from the ceiling in cages. Problem is, that the cages were for birds and far to small for a child to fit inside.


  1. The two "satanic ritual child abuse" cases in Saskatchewan, are perfect examples of what is very wrong with psychiatric practices today.
  2. Most shocking is that the foundation that the "satanic ritual child abuse" rested upon are still front and center in psychiatry today. They still conduct psychotherapy for repression and "repressed memory syndrome". Psychiatrists falsely imprison innocent people with "repressed memory syndrome".
  3. Post traumatic stress syndrome rampant today but is rooted in the same Freudian repression theory that wrongly sent many people to jail in the Saskatchewan satanic ritual abuse scandals.
  4. Unrepentant, the mental health community continue to learn or change from their obvious errors to promote their PTSD (F43.1 Posttraumatic stress disorder).
  5. Veteran psychologist Tana Dineen sums it all up perfectly: "The Psychology industry is separating people from their families, their communities and their churches, promoting stereotypic and hostile views of men and women, degrading friendship, and generally promoting distrust and suspicion. While no one would condone serious abuse, the Psychology industry re-interprets vague recollections, making minor events sinister. And while no one would excuse domestic violence, the Psychology industry blurs the concept and ignores the context. The Psychology Industry promotes fear and inequality, treating all interpersonal relationships as potentially threatening. It is teaching people to see others as potential enemies, to be monitored, scrutinized and accused. As a result, it is squelching the human tendencies to trust, to flirt, to seduce, to argue and yell, to assume responsibility, to be cautious, to take risks, to be passionate, to make the right choices and to make mistakes." (Manufacturing Victims, Dr. Tana Dineen, 2001, p 272)
  6. Some might argue that the two Saskatchewan satanic ritual abuse cases are not examples of repression at all. They argue that since the cases were bogus, it has no bearing on "real cases" of repressed memories. Problem with this argument is that the psychologists were unable to discern the difference and proceeded to lubricate the wheels of injustice with their "professional opinions".
  7. What kind of professionals will validate and certify the testimony of a 6 year old, recalling something that happened when they were 2 years old, knowing that their Freudian theories are going to put adults into jail? Biological Psychiatrists do it every day in court! It is an evil that must be stopped!
  8. Psychiatrists promoting their junk science "repression theories" cost the people of Saskatchewan an excess of 500 million dollars. Authorities made initial consultations of the local mental health industry officials which were confirmed by "world experts" that they were dealing with a case of Satanic Ritual sex abuse. This is an example of where society misplaces their trust and confidence in the Psychiatry industry. Then there are the lives ruined, jobs lost, reputations destroyed, ongoing court battles for malicious prosecution. All of this cost was incurred because of the Psychiatry industry and they quietly withdrew unscathed to practice the witchcraft on some new victim!


By Steve Rudd: Contact the author for comments, input or corrections.

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