Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) or Dissociative Identity Disorder, (DID) is pure "classic" Junk science.
Psychiatry is Junk science
No scientific data that Psychiatry works!


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Made popular by movies like "Sybil" and "Faces of Eve" Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) has been equated with theatre but is included in DSM-IV. Also known as Dissociative Identity Disorder, (DID) it is a behaviour choice not a disease.

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A. Snapshot summary:

1.      Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) is a behaviour choice not a disease.

2.      Treating Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) with drugs is like smashing a computer because of a software virus.

3.      Dissociative Identity Disorder, (DID) is best treated by nominating them for an Oscar.

4.      Jesus commands us not to be deceptive.

5.      Multiple Personality Disorder is closely associated with "repressed memory syndrome" where a woman is hypnotized and has false memories of abuse implanted by the psychiatrist. Movies like "Sybil", and "The faces of eve" have actually coached thousands of viewers into thinking they have multiple personalities as a result of forgotten sexual abuse as a child.

a.      These stories of claiming to suddenly remember childhood abuses are much more common than one might realize.

b.      Multiple Personality Disorder is a myth and the product of junk pop science. Hollywood movies like Sybil or the "Faces of Eve" have propagated this myth in the eyes of the ignorant public. Psychiatrists don't really care if it is a myth, they make money off it!

B. Movies: Sybil and Faces of Eve:

1.      "The New York Times ranked Sybil among the ten best-selling nonfiction books of the year and it was quickly turned into a Hollywood movie. Schrieber was deluged with letters from women thanking her for helping them understand that they were "multiples." it was not long before psychologists, in what Spiegel refers to as "a whole new cult, a whole new wave of hysteria,"' began finding cases of MPD among their patients. Quickly, psychologists began to report higher and higher frequencies, eventually claiming occurrences of one person in every hundred in the general population with much higher incidence rates in groups such as sexual abuse survivors, hospital inpatients and chemically dependent individuals." (Manufacturing Victims, Dr. Tana Dineen, 2001, p 259)

2.      "In discussing the possibility that the diagnosis and stories of Sybil, the celebrated case of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) that gained public attention from the book and subsequent film of the same name, were the product of the therapist, Herbert Spiegel says: ...that is one of the biggest difficulties with working with the concept of causation in psychotherapy. It is the grand illusion that we have inherited from Freud. Freud's concept was that you had to get to the truth, and unless you get the truth no therapeutic effect can take place. So, in the pursuit of the truth we become engaged in story telling and we impose our hypothesis on the patient by the way we ask our questions. Highly suggestible (psychologically-prone) people will of course respond in a way that can please the doctors, especially if there is a good rapport between them." (Manufacturing Victims, Dr. Tana Dineen, 2001, p 204)

3.      This "epidemic" of MPD gave rise to a host of new treatments and services that involved the acceptance of the psychologist's diagnosis and the psychological "uncovering" of trauma. In addition to providing direct service to individuals, it introduced psychologists into the legal arena in a way that had never been experienced before as clients began to report being victims of child abuse, sexual abuse, cult abuse and even satanic abuse. Psychology was finally gaining the exposure and status that it had been seeking, but it was gaining this in association with the legal profession rather than medicine. Whereas the medical profession had been unwilling to acknowledge the expertise of non-medical and untrained psychologists, lawyers were eager to find "experts" who could be employed to support their clients' cases. (Manufacturing Victims, Dr. Tana Dineen, 2001, p 260)

4.      "But MPD [Multiple Personality Disorder, ie. Sybil] was not the only victim-making technology of this retooled industry. Other formats emerged, all with an underlying framework that defined the patient as good but damaged by trauma and therefore a victim in need of the psychologist's help, and someone else as bad, a perpetrator, an enemy. Whether it was an alcoholic parent, an abusive spouse, a perverted teacher or doctor, a rude store clerk or an annoying or harassing colleague, the patient was always the innocent victim; the other was the malevolent cause." (Manufacturing Victims, Dr. Tana Dineen, 2001, p 260)

5.      "In another instance involving multiple personalities, an angry former patient confronted her psychologist, "Don't you think it is odd that no one is getting better and that everyone wants to cut and kill themselves after they get into therapy with you?" ... he responded by saying, "And which personality am I speaking to now?" (Manufacturing Victims, Dr. Tana Dineen, 2001, p 75, From The Fifth Estate, CBC TV)

6.      It is clear that Sybil was a bored, lonely and rather insignificant woman who found her life suddenly the center of everyone's attention.

a.      It is also clear that she was faking the whole thing.

b.      The stupid psychiatrists bought the whole thing critically without question because they wanted to be famous and document a newly discovered mental illness.

c.       So the psychiatrist's desire for personal fame, fortune and recognition coupled with Sybil's desire for attention is the foundation of MPD. Today most people who know better, reject MPD as a bad example of junk science at its worst! MPD is actually a Factitious disorder: Faking mental illness: F68.1

C. What biopsychiatrists, drug companies and governments say:

Notice they admit Dissociative Identity Disorder is not a medical problem caused by out of balance brain chemicals, but life trauma:

1.      Dissociative Identity Disorder, DID, (formerly Multiple Personality Disorder, MPD) Retrieving and dealing with memories of trauma is important for the person with DID, because this disorder is believed to be caused by physical or sexual abuse in childhood. ... The person with DID may have as few as two alters, or as many as 100. The average number is about 10. ... Treatment for DID consists primarily of psychotherapy with hypnosis. The therapist seeks to make contact with as many alters as possible and to understand their roles and functions in the patient's life. (Dissociative Identity Disorder, DID, NAMI, National Alliance on Mental Illness, March 2000)

2.      "Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD): Possession Trance: In contrast to dissociative trance, possession trance involves the assumption of a distinct alternate identity, usually that of a deity, an ancestor, or a spirit. The person in this trance often engages in rather complex activities, which may take the form of expressing otherwise forbid-den thoughts or needs, negotiating for change in family or social status, or engaging in aggressive behavior. Possession usually involves amnesia for a large portion of the episode during which the alternate identity was in control of the person's behavior. In Indian possession syndrome, the affected individual suddenly begins speaking in an altered voice with an altered identity, usually that of a deity recognizable to others. Through this voice, a person may refer to himself or herself in the third person. The affected person's "spirit" may negotiate for changes in the family environment or become agitated or aggressive. Possession syndrome typically occurs in a recently married woman who finds herself uncomfortable or unwelcome in her mother-in-law's home. Such individuals usually are unable to directly express their discomfort." (Textbook of Clinical Psychiatry, Hales, Yudofsky, 2003 AD, p 733)

D. Multiple Personality Disorder and Demon Possession:

1.      Demon possession was a true phenomenon recorded in the bible during the Apostolic age.

a.      Demon possession does not happen today.

b.      Read the Case of the jail house demoniac who fooled all the psychiatrists but not the church preacher!

2.      In 1665 AD, Dr. William Drage concluded that he had witnessed several cases of demon possession in a couple of women. In fact, Mary Hall was faking the whole thing (hysteria) for attention because she did not like the way she was being treated by her father. However, Drage correctly notes that this is not a bodily illness, but a spiritual one: "A Disease of Witchcraft is a Sickness that arises from strange and preternatural Causes . . . afflicting with strange and unaccustomed Symptoms, and commonly preternaturally violent, very seldom or not at all curable by Ordinary and Natural Remedies." It is best to view this as a comedy act put on by Mary Hall who was supposed possessed by two demons. Only then, do you realize how much fun she was having putting on her show and getting all kinds of attention. Typical of hysterics, the curtain rises on Act 1, and Mary Hall starts "the old shaking foot trick"! "It took her first in one foot with a trembling shaking and Convulsive motion, afterwards it possessed both; she would sit stamping very much; she had sometimes like Epileptick, sometimes like Convulsive sits, and strange ejaculations". When that was enough to convince them to call in the excorcist, (Doctor Woodhouse) Mary Hall had to start writing some new material quickly... and she should be awarded a Grammy award posthumously. "were heard in her [Mary Hall] strange noises, like mewing of Cats, barking of Dogs, roaring of Bears, &c. at last a Voice spoke in her, "Pus Cat, what a Cat? nothing but me!" ... Mary later told revealed the true reason Mary Hall was unhappy: She wanted to Choke her father! This was all about a daughter's anger and/or rebellion against her father! He may have been unfair to her, or perhaps it was just a bit of teenage rebellion! The curtain open in Act 2: "We are only two little Imps, Goodwife' Harods, and Youngs; sometimes we are in the shape of Serpents, sometimes of Flies, sometimes of Rats or Mice; and Gfe Harod sent us to choke this Maid, Mary Hall; but we should have choked Goodman Hall, but of him we had no Power, and so possessed his daughter; we came down the Chimney, riding on a stick, and went first to Mary's foot, whereupon her foot trembled first of all her distemper." The obvious tip off is that demons do not ride on broom sticks, being a 17th century concept alone. Demons are supernatural beings. Acts 3: "Sometimes she would beat her self, sometimes with one, sometimes both hands, chiefly on the Breast. Sometimes her legs would go, fast and violently, kicking of the ground, and the Spirits would say, Come, Mary, Dance; and then they would make a tune, and make her feet to Dance it; sometimes they would say, Mary, make a mouth; and then they convulsed her mouth." Doctor Woodhouse, and two other doctors were deceived by Mary Hall's new found acting career and concluded she was demon possessed: "he really thought she was possessed". Had Woodhouse merely broken out in laughter, he would have likely cured Mary Hall instantly of her "demon possession". It is crystal clear that it was Mary, not the demon, who wanted to "choke Goodman Hall", her father. Mary Hall was spanking her father through the demon. There are countless examples of this sad, but typical case of faking insanity today. The story of Sybil is yet a modern case of a bored woman, trying to get her acting career off the ground! Perhaps she knew about Mary Hall. We refer you to the case of "Joe", the jail house demoniac who fooled all the psychiatrists, but not the church preacher! (Daimonomageia. A small treatise of sicknesses and diseases from witchcraft, William Drage, 1665 AD)


1.      Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) or Dissociative Identity Disorder, (DID) is pure "classic" Junk science.

2.      Multiple Personality Disorder is a behaviour choice not a disease. Multiple Personality Disorder is a behaviour whose origin is the human spirit not the body. There is no scientific evidence that Multiple Personality Disorder is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.

3.      Dissociative Identity Disorder is an example of how one psychiatrist, Herbert Spiegel (June 29, 1914 - December 15, 2009) almost singlehandedly invented and popularized one of the most famous mental illnesses: The split personality.

4.      The split personality, otherwise known as the classic "Skitzo", which roots from the word schizophrenic, which in turn comes from the Greek roots skhizein (σχίζειν, "to split") and phrēn, phren- (φρήν, φρεν-; "mind"): the split mind.

5.      It is important to ask, "What benefit is this individual deriving from engaging in this behaviour of Dissociative Identity Disorder?" Dissociative Identity Disorder is a means to an end for personal gain.

a.      For Sybil, she obviously derived the benefits of fame, attention and entertainment.

b.      More recent motives for probing the past for long forgotten sexual abuses are more direct: cash.

6.      Jesus commanded us not to be deceivers.



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