Psychiatry damages your brain
Bilateral Stereotactic Surgery
Limbic Leucotomy
Cerebral Spaying
"Lobotomy Holocaust"

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  1. Psychiatry has a long history of hurting, torturing and injuring people.
  2. In 1935 AD, the lobotomy (leucotomy or psychosurgery) was invented by Egas Moniz. The procedure was crude, destructive and caused direct brain damage. It jammed a butter knife into the eye socket until it hit the orbital bone. Then it was hit with a hammer to punch through the bone into the brain. Then the knife was used to cut brain tissues connecting the left and right frontal lobes.
  3. "Lobotomy: Cerebral Spaying: The term "psychosurgery"—the proper, scientific expression for describing the mutilation of the brains of mental patients—is itself a symptom of this belief. It is a misleading term that must not be allowed to remain unexamined and unchallenged. When a surgeon operates on the brain of a person with a brain disease, he calls it "neurosurgery." When he operates on the brain of a person without a brain disease, he calls it "psychosurgery."" (Coercion as Cure, Thomas Szasz, 2007 AD, p 151)
  4. Only chemical psychiatrists would imagine such a treatment would cure insanity because they believe in evolution and reject the Christian doctrine that man has both spirit and body. This forced them to always look to the brain for the cause of mood and behaviour disorders.
  5. Like modern neuroleptic drugs, a lobotomy simply disables or damages the brain and changes normal function.
  6. It is outlawed in many countries of the world however Japan, Australia, Sweden and India still perform lobotomys as a social control for violent and out of control people.
  7. While effective in "dumbing down" these violent people, it might be more humane just to shoot them. Lobotomy is one of the most obvious examples of chemical psychiatry. However, in hindsight, it was one of the more honest and up front treatments for insanity. It was clear to every one of the 100,000 lobotomy patients and their families, that this was a treatment that caused direct brain damage.
  8. Modern treatments with drugs and electric shocks are not so easily recognized for what they really are.


A. Rosemary Kennedy destroyed by lobotomy:

  1. In 1941, James W. Watts, and Walter Freeman performed a lobotomy on Rosemary Kennedy (John F Kennedy's sister) when was 23.
  2. Rosemary was asked to sing while the knife cut brain tissue.
  3. She continued to sing, so he cut more until suddenly, she stopped singing and never sang again.
  4. Rosemary suffered permanent brain damage and was left in a vegetative state until she died natural causes at the age of 86 in 2005.
  5. Rosemary Kennedy is a prime historic example of deliberately inflicting brain damage. "Lobotomy is synonymous with brain damage: it is intentional brain damage, just as cutting-off the hands of pickpockets is intentional hand damage." (Coercion as Cure, Thomas Szasz, 2007 AD, p 170)

B. Lobotomy given new names:

  1. When a business gets a bad reputation, they change the name to hide the same old bad management from its bad reputation. This is exactly what psychiatrists have done with lobotomy. They have given the same old brain damaging proceedure new names like: Psychosurgery, Bilateral Stereotactic Surgery, Cingulotomy, Limbic Leucotomy.
  2. "Personally, I oppose voluntary psychosurgery for the same reasons that I oppose voluntary physician-assisted suicide or voluntary sex between physicians and patients—because I regard such interactions as ethical violations of the boundaries between a medical-professional relationship and everyday human relations. Not surprisingly, psychosurgery continues to be practiced, albeit without the sensationalism of the Freeman era. In 1997, a notice posted on an Internet web site advertised: "We at Massachusetts General Hospital perform a type of limbic system surgery called bilateral stereotactic cingulotomy. The primary indication for which this procedure is considered is medically intractable obsessive compulsive disorder.... Some people who suffer from chronic pain syndromes, refractory depression, and addictive disorders may also be candidates for the procedure."73 The old terms "lobotomy" and "psychosurgery" are replaced with fresh, technical-euphemistic terms such as "cingulotomy," "limbic leucotomy," and "stereotactic surgery?' Plus ca change..." (Coercion as Cure, Thomas Szasz, 2007 AD, p 172)


  1. Historically psychiatry has a long history of hurting, torturing and injuring people.
  2. "Psychiatrists, psychiatric historians, and even some so-called psychiatric critics continue to treat lobotomy as a legitimate treatment for "severe mental illnesses." Thus, they validate, however unwittingly, the core concepts of psychiatric mythology and deny the lobotomy holocaust. Thousands of persons the world over were the victims of coerced lobotomy. The fact is that lobotomy was not, and could never be, a legitimate treatment, even with the operation performed by competent and respected surgeons, just as euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide are not, and can never, be legitimate treatments, even if carried out under medical auspices.'" (Coercion as Cure, Thomas Szasz, 2007 AD, p 169)
  3. Leave it to chemical psychiatrists to think cutting up the brain would cure anger, rage, depression or anxiety.

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