The History of Psychiatry: 1500 BC - 2013 AD

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Chemical Psychiatry has not progressed in 500 years!
(But church ministers had it right all along)

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Historical overview of Psychiatry: 1500 BC - 2013 AD

Our 500 year survey of psychiatric history coupled with the most up to date, state of art scientific biological testing, leads us to identify the key that unlocks the mystery of insanity which is ... to continue reading and to learn what the key is click here.


Introduction to psychiatric history

For a brief summary of all the historical documents in this section on psychiatric history.

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The Main Exhibit:
1500 - 2011 AD

Historical overview of Psychiatry:

This sequential overview of Psychiatry provides a brief, one paragraph summary of the views of over 100 historic figures.
Encyclopedia of psychiatric history

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Conclusion to psychiatric history

The master conclusion of the 500 year summary of all the historical documents in this section.

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Church ministers were first psychiatrists

Historically, the very first psychiatrists (lit: "doctors of the soul") were church ministers until a secular takeover by chemical psychiatrists forced Christians out of their God given role as councilors of people with behaviour problems using the Bible as their guide.

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How did torture cure the insanity?
Insanity is a behaviour choice, not a disease.

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Humoral Medicine

Melancholy blood was believed to cause insanity. Mad Doctors blood let to cure insanity by removing the bad blood.

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The most famous mental hospital in history. "A madhouse by any other name is still a jail!"

"The rattling of Chains, the Shrieks, Howlings like that of Dogs, Shoutings, Roarings, Prayers, Preaching, Curses, Singing, Crying all joined to make a Chaos of the most horrible Confusion... Bedlam"

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Mad-Doctors & Mad-House Keepers

"The keepers at Bedlam are idle, skulking, pilfering scoundrels, eccentric, had something peculiar about them, strange in appearance, bribery is common to them all, cruelty is common to them all, villainy is common to them all, in short every thing is common but virtue." (Urbane Metcalf 1818, John Conolly 1859)

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Historic etiology of mental illness

Before the modern era of science that began in 1850 with the discovery of the cell, doctors viewed sin as the cause (etiology) of mental illness. The doctors of the 1600's new more than modern psychiatrists about mental illness! As we trace the opinions of mad doctors as to the etiology of insanity, we see a common theme: a combination of bad living + bad bodies (bad blood, bad brain matter, bad nerve fibers)

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Historic cures for mental illness

The number one recommended cure for mental illness in 1750 AD was daily vomiting. Welcome to the "Rotatory Machine"!

Vomits, bloodletting, cold baths, blistering, evacuation, purging were the treatments of choice!

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Disobedient wives sent to mad houses!

Psychiatric false imprisonment!

Wanna get rid of your disobedient, nagging or rich wife? Commit her to a Mad House against her will! That will punish her for her nagging and you get all her money till she learns to obey you! You will know she is cured when she changes her mind and starts having sex with you again!

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Hysteria as mental illness

Do you have a hysterical wife? The word Hysteria means "uterus" (ie hysterectomy). It was believed to be a real mental illness before about 1950 AD. Hysteria was believed to be a real mental illness that affected only women! Even we tread carefully where psychiatrists fear not to go!

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All Christians considered mentally ill

Since the "mad doctors" of the 1750's, Christians have been viewed as insane and worthy of being locked up in mental hospitals. These identical views are present today in the modern chemical psychiatry industry.

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Dictionary Of Historic Mental Illness

Cure: use a cataplasm deobstruent to make the plexus choroides fluxion. Confused? look it up!

Archaic medical terms related to mad doctoring of the 1700's.

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