Fake Television Evangelist I.Q. Test

The vast majority of TV preachers are "charismatic/pentecostal", who make claims of miraculous healings if you send in your cash. All the TV preachers on this page are "charismatic/pentecostal". Take this quiz and find out how much you know about these men.

1. This televangelist has been known to heal phlegm and once, successfully, rebuked a hurricane from heading toward his TV production complex. (Pat Robertson)

2. Who said, "You'd be surprised how well you can praise God in the back seat of a Rolls Royce Phantom 5." (Rev. Ike)

3. Which televangelist said Eve gave birth to Cain and Abel out of her side, taught that Adam could fly and believes the Godhead is actually nine (count 'em-nine) entities? (Benny Hinn)

4. Who said, "IF you're an intellectual, you'll probably go to hell for it." (Jonathan BelI)

5. Which televangelist teaches that Jesus was rich and the Apostles were successful businessmen with plenty of money? (Fred Price)

6. When sentencing this televangelist to 10 years in prison For money laundering, mail fraud, conspiracy, and interstate transportation of stolen property the judge said "You've picked the last flake of flesh from the carcass of the widow you defrauded." (Jim Whittington)

7. Who felt he had to go to a psychiatrist to find out whether or not he was deviant sex practitioner? (Jim Bakker)

8. Who reports that U.S. interstate highway signs are coded to let U.N. troops know where to attack in order to usher in a one-world government? (Jack & Rexela Van Impe)

9. Who wishes he could have a Holy Ghost machine gun so he can kill his enemies? (Benny Hinn)

10. Which televangelist was banned from British television for airing unsubstantiated testimonials? (Morris Cerullo)

11. Which televangelist, while being sentenced for tax fraud, was asked by the judge if he was from another planet? (WV Grant)

12. Whose first miracle witnessed was the healing of a pet chicken? (Jan Crouch)

13. Who, when accused of a sexual impropriety defended himself by saying a demon had duplicated him, and that if you see him doing anything bad, it's not the real him? (Bob Larson)

14. This preacher proudly displayed himself in bed with a bevy of Playboy Playmates. (Gene Scott)

15. Who stars in his own worse-than-B movies and charges $930 for his Bible course on tape? (Kenneth Copeland)

16. Which televangelist owns his own mountain top? (Pat Robertson)

17. Who bought Twitty City and believes white hair is most often found among the holy? (Paul Crouch)

18. This current televangelist was exposed years ago for receiving "words of knowledge" not from God, but from his wife via radio transmitter. (Peter Popoff)

19. When an FCC investigation into his organization's Finances Found that $ 13 million was unaccounted for, this preacher explained, "Satan got into our computer and lost the money (Jim Bakker)

20. This preacher sells elderships to his church by mail. (Morris Cerullo)

21. Who claims U.N troops are currently hiding out in U.S. national parks? (Jack & Rexela Van Impe)

22. While in federal prison this televangelist was publicly claiming to have repented, yet he was selling copies of his appeals papers proclaiming his innocence. (Jim Bakker)

23. Who failed to meet Better Business Bureau standards of reporting income from fund-raising activities? (All TV evangelists listed here)

Compiled by Brian Kelcher

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