20th Century Tongues... Faith or Fake?
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50 Videos that document Pentecostal Manifestation Heresy!
One of the largest video collections on the net! 50 Video and audio clips! See famous Pentecostal preachers practice mass hypnotic induction, holy Laughter, slain in the spirit, animal sounds, spiritual amnesia, spiritual muteness, spiritual drunkenness, spontaneous movements, see someone do "the dead chicken" on the floor and another while standing up! Hear the "redhead moo" and the preacher crow like a rooster. See the "left leg anointing" and the "head wagging" prophetesses. Learn about the pain you feel when you're slain! Hear misquotes of the Bible within a prophecy! Hear Bible reading openly mocked!
See and hear Pentecostals and their Pastors worship in chaos and misbehave in church services in ways that other church goers discipline their children for, and blame it on the Holy Spirit!





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Manifestations in non-Christian occult and satanic religions are identical to many modern Pentecostal churches.  
Gurus, Hypnotists and Pentecostals: Can you tell the difference?

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Pentecostal Pastor actually tries to defend manifestations from Bible





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Most manifestations in modern Pentecostal churches and revival meetings are not found in the Bible.
Bible Miracles and Modern day impostors!
Bible Tongue Speaking and Modern Impostors!
The 9 Spiritual Gifts of Bible defined
What is the Gift Of Tongues?  
Slain in the Spirit is unbiblical and occult!
Former Pentecostal Pastor of 18 years converts to the truth! "For me it was a conflict with the Bible, and I knew nothing supernatural was happening!"
Pentecostals view non-Charismatics as dead and lifeless churches!





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Detailed theological refutation of 20th century tongues that proves tongues ceased sometime around 100 AD.
Detailed Theological research paper:
Part 1: Intro and foundational arguments
Part 2: Exposition of 1 Cor 13:8-13
Part 3: Pentecostal arguments refuted






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Photo Galleries of fake Pentecostal miracles.
Fake TV Evangelist I.Q. Test

Photo gallery: Pentecostal Miracle Trinkets

Occult Fake miracles photo gallery

TV's Peter Popoff proven to be a fraud  

Click to ViewWhy are seriously crippled people (ie. paraplegics) NEVER healed although Pentecostal churches are full of them???
Miracle workers who couldn't heal!





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Pentecostalism looks and feels good, but is it from God???
Encyclopedia of Pentecostal ministries their leaders, organizations and false doctrines EXPOSED
Moral failures of the highest profile Pentecostal preachers
Many Pentecostals are Anti-doctrine, Anti-intellectual "Knowledge is of the devil"
Pentecostalism: Worshipping God with you mind in neutral!
Pentecostalism: Founded by women who usurp their place!
Spiritual Supremacists: Most Pentecostals are spiritual elitists





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Would Jesus endorse the Pentecostal church where you attend?
Why I Left The Pentecostal Church After 18 years, this former Pentecostal Pastor becomes a simple New Testament Christian and continues to preach!
Major errors of Pentecostalism
Most Pentecostals sacrifice the Bible at the alter of their feelings!





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Nothing truly supernatural ever happens in today's Pentecostal churches but there is a lot of emotionalism!

How about surviving a snake bite??? WE CHOSE THE SNAKE! $1,100,000 Challenge for one MIRACLE!
"Miracles have ceased" doesn't mean God is powerless!





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Encyclopedias and Dictionaries of Pentecostal and Occult religions
Encyclopedia of Pentecostal history & tongues 150-1901 AD
Encyclopedia of occult terms & lingo Why do all these occult definitions perfect fit many Pentecostals today??? 
Dictionary of Hindu, yoga terms & lingo
Encyclopedia of all known Pentecostal ministries





150- 1901 AD

History: Pentecostalism is the ancient heresy of "Montanism" revived
150 AD: Montanism: The Ancient roots of Pentecostalism  
150-1901 AD Does history prove Pentecostalism?
1901-Today "Neo-Montanism": Modern roots of Pentecostalism





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Questions many Pentecostal cannot answer!




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Sometimes Truth makes Love hurt
"You are seeking to kill Me, a man who has told you the truth" Jn 8:40
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