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Video & Book list that give supporting evidence of young earth creation

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Click to ViewVideo series of Don Patton Seminar

3- two hour video cassettes; 12- thirty minute segments

Price: $50 US

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Click to ViewThe Genesis record

Henry Morris

Scientific and Devotional commentary on Genesis

Textbook about $25

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Click to ViewUnformed and Unfilled

Weston W. Fields

The best book critiquing the Gap theory

About $13 Click here to Order

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Click to ViewDinosaurs by Design


The absolute best children's book on dinosaurs! A must for every family!

Hard cover $25 Click here to Order

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Click to ViewWhat is Creation Science?

Henry M Morris and Gary E. Parker

Combining years of research and experience, Dr. Morris and Dr. Parker provide conclusive scientific evidence for intelligent design and examine the major arguments used to support evolution. Designed to equip everyone, from student to layman, to refute the classic arguments for evolution and defend creation. Contains no Biblical references and is suitable for use in public schools.

Interest Level: High School - Adult; Cat. No. WHCRSC 336 pages $14.95

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Click to ViewThe Genesis Flood

Henry M. Morris and John C Whitcomb

This is the book that started the modern Creationist movement and is still the best resource on the Flood. It shows that there is a wealth of scientific facts to support a great worldwide Flood. Explains how Noah fit all the animals in, where the water came from, where it went, were there dinosaurs on the Ark, etc.

Interest Level: High School - Adult; Cat. No. GENFLO; 518 pages: $16.50

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Click to ViewThe Answers Book

Ken Ham, Andrew Snelling, Carl Wieland

This fascinating book addresses the most common questions that Christians and non-Christians alike ask regarding creation/ evolution and Genesis. The twelve most asked questions such as: Where did Cain get his wife, What about continental drift, the origin of the races, dinosaurs, the gap theory, carbon dating, etc. are answered in an easy to understand manner with helpful illustrations.

Interest Level: High School - Adult; Cat. No. ANSBOO: 207 pages: $13.95

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Click to ViewCreation Scientists Answer Their Critics

Duane T. Gish

Having challenged the humanistic religion of evolution, creation scientists have often endured the vicious attacks of those who endorse the theory of evolution. Dr. Gish, the foremost and most respected creation debater, evaluates the major arguments for and against special creation and defends creation scientists against the distorted, inaccurate attacks of evolutionists. This book provides a fascinating account of the battle between opposing world views

Interest Level: High School - Adult : Cat. No. CRSCAN 460 pages: $24.95

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Click to ViewDarwin s Enigma

Luther D. Sunderland

Where's the evidence? After 130 years and untold millions in research, the answer remains elusive for proving Darwin's theory! This excellent, non-religious text uses quotes from interviews with heads of museums, expressing skepticism over many aspects of evolutionary belief

Interest Level: High School - Adult Cat. No. DARENI 180 pages $12.95

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Click to ViewBones of Contention

Marvin L. Lubenow

Twenty-five years of research have gone into this brilliant work that takes you behind the scenes and exposes the so-called ape men: Neanderthal man, Piltdown man, Nebraska man, and many others. Contains an excellent section on why a Christian can't believe in evolution. Startling information that will challenge your thinking!

University Textbook; cat no. BONSCO 295 pages $17.95

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Click to ViewEvolution: a Theory in Crisis

by Michael Denton M.D.

"The intuitive feeling that pure chance could never have achieved the degree of complexity and ingenuity so ubiquitous in nature has been a continuing source of scepticism ever since the publication of the Origin of the Species; and throughout the past century there has always existed a significant minority of first-rate biologists who have never been able to bring themselves to accept the validity of Darwinian claims...

Is it really credible that random processes could have constructed a reality, the smallest element of which-a functional protein or gene-is complex beyond our own creative capacities, a reality which is the very antithesis of chance, which excels in every sense anything produced by the intelligence of man? The discoveries of molecular biologists, far from strengthening Darwin's claims, are throwing more and more doubt on traditional Darwinism. This authoritative and remark ably easy-to-read book by a molecular biologist shows how rapidly accumulating evidence is threatening the basic assumptions of orthodox Darwinism.

Michael Denton, a widely respected Australian medical doctor and scientist who has lived and worked in London as well as Toronto, is currently conducting biological research in Sydney. Although Dr. Denton shows a very limited understanding of the creation model and clearly is neither a creationist nor a Christian. his focus is on documenting the shortcomings of the evolutionary theory.

Denton's work examines the evidence and critiques the logic used by scientists when dealing with taxonomy, homology, the fossil record, embryos, molecular biology, typology, life's origin, biochemistry and probability. A science background would be helpful in reading this book, but is not necessary. A valuable reference book for students at all levels of university, the CSAO believes this book is also relevant to the evolutionists who should know that leaders in their own cams concede there are major problems with the evolutionary theory.

University Textbook $34.65

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Click to ViewDarwin On Trial

Phillip E. Johnson

Can evolution be accepted as an a priori truth, or a logical inevitability? Could it be known to be true without the need of empirical confirmation? What people believe about evolution and Darwinism depends very heavily on the kind of logic they employ and the kind of assumptions they make. Phillip E. Johnson is a law professor at the University of California at Berkley. His specialty is in analyzing the logic of arguments and identifying their underlying assumptions.

From the point of view of logic and the accepted canons of scientific research, Johnson contends that the evolutionary theory is severely lacking in confirmatory evidence. Finding that scientists have reached conclusions about evolution by disregarding the rules of scientific inquiry, he asks whether scientists have put the cart before the horse, prematurely accepting Darwin's theory as fact and then scrambling to find evidence for it. In the meantime, he observes, Darwinism itself has become a kind of faith, a pseudoscience held by its devotees in spite of, rather than because of, the evidence.

Although Mr. Johnson's emphasis is on the logic used in scientific inquiry he does not ignore the scientific issues. He deals with the fossil problem, vertebrae sequence, molecular evidence and prebiological evolution being careful to distinguish the evidence itself from any religious or philosophical bias that might distort our interpretation of the evidence. He also considers several scientific discoveries that have been made since Darwin's time to determine if they tell us anything about whether evolution is true or false. The author also discusses misleading analogies, tautology and deductive arguments.

The author invites you to be part of his jury as he puts Darwinian evolution on trial. He cross-examines the leading evolutionists of our time, making use of many quotes from influential evolutionary thinkers such as Stephen Jay Gould and Richard Dawkins. Darwin On Trial is a devastating critique of the most recent arguments for evolution. Mr. Johnson states that he is a philosophical Theist and a Christian' but admits that he is not a biblical (young earth) creationist

University Textbook $26:95

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Click to ViewIn the minds of men

Ian Taylor

A great reference book that documents the historical development of evolutionary theory

Adult Reference $25

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Evolution Reading List
by Gary Kerr

  1. Darwin on Trial (Phillip Johnson)
  2. Reason in the Balance (Phillip Johnson)
  3. Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds (Phillip Johnson)
  4. Objections Sustained (Phillip Johnson)

All four books by Johnson are published by InterVarsity Press, and are

available inexpensively. And, all four are very highly recommended!

  1. The Scientific Case For Creation (Bert Thompson)
  2. The Global Flood of Noah (Bert Thompson)
  3. A Study Course in Christian Evidences (Bert Thompson and Wayne Jackson)
  4. The History of Evolutionary Thought (Bert Thompson)

These books and others by Thompson and Jackson are excellent. The first three were published by the Apologetics Press in Montgomery, Alabama. They have a lot of other great resource material available, and it would be worth your while to get their catalog. The snail-mail address is: 230 Landmark Dr., Montgomery, AL 36117-2752, phone number - (205) 272-8558.

  1. Nature's Destiny (Michael Denton)
  2. Darwin's Black Box (Michael Behe)
  3. The Collapse of Evolution (Scott M. Huse, pub. by Baker Book House)
  4. Darwin Retried: An Appeal to Reason (Norman MacBeth, pub. by Harvard Common Press, 1971)
  5. Implications of Evolution (G.A. Kerkut, pub. by Pergamon Press, 1960) (book is out of print, try used book store)
  6. The Bone Peddlers (William Fix) (book is out of print, try used book store)
  7. Ape Men, Fact or Fallacy, (M Bowden, strict six day creationist, very good) (book is out of print, try used book store)
  8. Fossils In Focus (Kerby Anderson) (book is out of print, try used book store)
  9. The World That Perished (John C. Whitcomb, his updated account of the ~Genesis Flood~ book, published by Baker Book House)
  10. The Early Earth (John C. Whitcomb, pub. by Baker Book House)
  11. In The Beginning: Compelling Evidence For Creation And The Flood (Walt Brown, pub. by The Center For Scientific Creation, Phoenix, AZ)
  12. The Myth of Natural Origins: How Science Points To Divine Creation (Ashby L. Camp, pub. by Ktisis Pub. Co., Tempe, AZ)
  13. The Facts of Life (Richard Milton, science journalist and agnostic)
  14. The Evolution Fraud, (M Bowden, strict six day creationist, very good)
  15. The Creation-Evolution Controversy (R.L. Wysong, Inquiry Press 6th printing 1984)
  16. It Couldn't Just Happen (Lawrence O. Richards)
  17. The Young Earth (John D. Morris, pub. by Master Books, written especially for teenagers and young adults)
  18. Byrd, Wendell R. "The Origin of Species Revisited," (2 vols.)
  19. Gale, Barry G. "Evolution Without Evidence"
  20. Morris, Henry M. "That Their Words May Be Used Against Them"
  21. Hitching, Francis "The Neck of the Giraffe: Where Darwin Went Wrong" (book is out of print, try used book store)
  22. Dembski, William A. (ed.), "Mere Creation"
  23. Thaxton, Charles B. "The Mystery of Life's Origin: Reassessing Current Theories"
  24. Taylor, Gordon R. "The Great Evolution Mystery"

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