6 Day Creation and the Bible
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Re-thinking evolution...

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If a fair maiden kisses a frog which instantly changes into a handsome prince we would call it a fairy tale. But if the frog takes 40 million years to turn into a prince we call it evolution.

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Fairy tales come in many forms!
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Bible-Skeptic Converter Video Lectures!

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Biblical age of the earth

Did you know that the Bible clearly teaches that the earth is less than 10,000 years old?



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Scientific age of the earth

Did you know that science clearly evidences that the earth is thousands and not millions of years old?



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Scientific evidence makes a believer out of atheist!

Click to View"Professor Antony Flew, a prominent British philosopher who is considered the world's best-known atheist, has cited advancements in science as proof of the existence of God." (Insight On The News)
Click to View"British professor Antony Flew, for decades one of the world's leading philosophers of atheism, publicly announced that he now affirms the existence of a deity." (Dallas Morning News)
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The Bible and Six (24-hour) day Creation

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Click to ViewWho is your prophet and messiah? Darwin or Jesus?
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Are Dinosaurs described in the Bible?
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Could Noah's Ark carry all those animals?
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Are Noah's Ark, Jonah's Fish & the tomb of Jesus myth???
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How could you miss the Evidence of a Creator?

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Biblical Age of the Earth
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What early Christians said about "Darwin" and evolution

Click to ViewThe seventh day of creation was a 24 hour day! Heb 4 doesn't help "old Earthers" make it any longer!

When God created the heavens and the earth in 6 literal 24 hour days...He was taking his time!

Click to ViewWhy haven't professors told me that scientists rejected Darwin over 40 years ago?

Click to ViewIs evolution philosophy positive or negative on society?

Click to ViewTime is the evolutionists Magic Wand!

Atheist refuted
by 3 year old!
An atheist was indoctrinating his 3 year old daughter that God did not exist and all these things just happened by chance. His little girl looked up and said, "Daddy, do you think God knows that we don't believe in Him?"

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Various ministries who reject the Bible's age of the earth
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To Christians who believe Theistic Evolution!

Click to View"Does God Exist" ministry of John Clayton renounced.
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Hugh Ross ministry renounced!
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The Pope and Evolution! Recent pronouncements!

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Ask the Creationist!

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Geologist, Dr. Don Patton, Ph. D.

Ask the Creation Scientist Ask Geologist, Dr. Don Patton, Ph. D. Your science question. He is a young earth creation scientist!

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For Further Research

Click to ViewTop Rated Books & videos you can buy to defeat your evolutionist professor!

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The Religion of Evolution:
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Humanism: The Atheist's Religion!!!

Official name of the Evolutionist's Religion...

Click to ViewHumanism

The Evolutionist's Prophet...

Click to ViewDarwin

The Evolutionist's Infallible Book (Bible)...

Click to View"Origin of the Species"

The Evolutionist's Statement of faith....

Click to ViewTheory of Evolution

The Evolutionist's Church, Temple...

Click to ViewPublic Schools

The Evolutionist's Priests...

Click to ViewHigh School Biology teachers (university professors are arch-bishops)

The Evolutionist's Evangelistic Medium...

Click to ViewHigh school textbooks, TV, Radio

The Evolutionist's "Church Treasury"...

Click to ViewYour public Tax Dollars

The Evolutionist's Divine being...

Click to ViewHimself

The Evolutionist's view of where we came from:

Click to ViewRandom chance processes

The Evolutionist's purpose of life and where we are going

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Avoiding worldly & empty chatter and the opposing arguments of what is falsely called "science" 1 Timothy 6:20

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