The Search for Noah's Ark with Dr. Don Patton


Noah's Ark Ministries International Fraud exposed! (NAMI)

NAMI claims to have made the biggest archeological find in world history: Noah's Ark. If true, they could invite ANY top rated archeologist alive today and he would be very eager and willing to participate in documenting such a remarkable find of this great magnitude. Instead, NAMI has chosen to "bypass" the scientific community and produce a Hollywood style documentary movie that they will try to sell to the networks and privately to individuals. The choice to make a movie rather than utilize a qualified archeologist speaks volumes about who and what NAMI really is. This is especially obvious in light of the fact that they have terminated any further association with Dr. Randall Price. He earned his Ph.D. in Archeology from the University of Texas, where he then taught Archeology. He is presently serving as Distinguished Research Professor and Executive Director of the Center for Judaic Studies at Liberty University. He was a perfect candidate, extremely interested and willing. Instead, releasing a money-making movie, rather than documenting their "discovery" with a qualified archeologist, has all the indications of fraud. Instead of seeking to publish the details of their "archeological discovery" in a "peer reviewed" scientific journal, they put out a DVD to make money.

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Indiana: "Balloq's medallion only had writing on one side? You sure about that?"
Sallah: "Positive!"
Indiana: "Balloq's staff is too long. Indiana."
Both: "They're digging in the wrong place!"




Noah's Ark Ministries International Fraud

NAMI: "Made in China" Fraud Exposed

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Who are NAMI?

Noah's Ark Ministries International

Video by Don Patton exposing the NAMI fraud:

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Our critique of NAMI and their response

1.       Don Patton's video exposing NAMI fraud wmv,  flash,  real Sept 14, 2010

2.       Joint Paper by Randall Price and Don Patton on NAMI fraud: Nov 20, 2010

3.       Don Patton's critique of 1st NAMI response: Dec 3, 2010

4.       Don Patton's critique of 2nd NAMI response: Dec 10, 2010

5.       Don Patton's exposes the fake wood photos: Dec 7, 2010

NAMI's fake "Noah's Ark" wood Exposed!

Dr. Patton was guided to the NAMI Ark site by the man who hauled the wood up Mt. Ararat to build it! He recognized the wood that was recovered at the 13,000 foot site and gave the piece to Dr. Patton as a sample.
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Noah's Ark, Flood, Nimrod, Tower of Babel