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Dr. Don Patton's Rebuttal of NAMI Dec 5, 2010

Noah's Ark Ministries International Fraud exposed! (NAMI)


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Noah's Ark Ministries International Fraud

NAMI: "Made in China" Fraud Exposed


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Our critique of NAMI and their response

1.       Don Patton's video exposing NAMI fraud wmv,  flash,  real Sept 14, 2010

2.       Joint Paper by Randall Price and Don Patton on NAMI fraud: Nov 20, 2010

3.       Don Patton's critique of 1st NAMI response: Dec 3, 2010

4.       Don Patton's critique of 2nd NAMI response: Dec 10, 2010

5.       Don Patton's exposes the fake wood photos: Dec 7, 2010


This is the rebuttal by Dr. Don Patton, to NAMI's response of Dec 7, 2010 (read NAMI response in full below)


1.       NAMI tried to deal with the evidence and miserably failed. Now, they have resorted to ad hominem arguments (personal attacks) rather that deal with obvious demonstrations of fraud.

2.       In an attempt to sustain the slanderous accusation that I am a liar, they typed "don patton's lies" into Google and merely copied and pasted the first 15 results from Google for their proof. We can tell they did this by the code in their own document. Notice the +Don+Patton%27s+lies, which translates to don patton's lies. The apostrophe is the "%27" code. ( 8F&cd=3&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=cal)

3.       The utter stupidity of this feeble effort is demonstrated by the fact that ½ the output results have nothing to do with Don Patton, except my name was on the same page as the word "lie."

4.       Several instances are blog pages where the name Patton comes up in one blog and someone uses the word "lies" three blogs later on a different topic. Twice the word for "lies" means "laying, lays" as in the sentence, "A house lies upon it's the foundation" or "A man lies in bed".

5.       The Chinese English skills are clearly very bad, but it appears that they didn't even read the Google results in context. They just typed in "don patton's lies," and copied the first 15 search results, then without reading, posted the results on their website as proof that someone on the internet called me a liar. This is supposed to prove that I am a liar. This action says all we need to know about NAMI. They are, pitifully inept, sadly naïve and far from scientific.

Examining the Google search results:

1.                  One of the links NAMI posted as an example of "don patton's lies" is a blog discussion that mentions my name (Patton) in connection with a reference on our web site to the conversion of world famous atheist Anthony Flew to Theism. The blogger is actually a creationist and is in the midst of a discussion affirming that DNA Code is evidence of Intelligent Design and says: "On the one side of this Grand Canyon lies everything that can be explained by the chance and necessity of physicodynamics. On the other side lies those phenomena than can only be explained by formal choice contingency and decision theory—the ability to choose with intent what aspects of ontological being will be preferred, pursued, selected, rearranged, integrated, organized, preserved, and used." We have the word "Patton" and the word "lies" on the same page but it does not say anything about Patton lying. Even worse the word that Google found for "lies" doesn't even mean Lying, but rather the idea that one thing lies (or lays) below another.

2.                  Another example of their "brilliant research" sites a link with my name (Patton) on the same page as a quotation of Charles Darwin from Origin of The Species. "It will be much more convenient to discuss this question in the chapter on the Imperfection of the geological record; and I will here only state that I believe the answer mainly lies in the record being incomparably less perfect than is generally supposed." Another example of where the word "lies" is used in the meaning here "What lies beneath the ocean?" Do we need to point out that Charles Darwin did not know Don Patton?

3.                  Another referenced link does use the word in correct sense, on a page where my name ("Patton") is mentioned and maligned. The abuse is from the "North Texas Skeptics Association," a group composed mostly of atheists. I aggravated them regularly while I was in Dallas. However, the referenced quotation is from a letter between two men whose discussion doesn't even involve Don Patton.  " poor, deficient, and full of lies."

4.                  Another relates to the "North Texas Skeptics" but is actually a quotation from me ("Patton") regarding the then president of the "North Texas Skeptics". "John Blanton had carelessly plagiarized the lies of Glen Kuban"

5.                  Still another NAMI referenced link sites the rants of a rabid evolutionist, responding to the prime time presentation of the NBC video, "Mysterious Origins of Man." The very professional production, narrated by Charlton Heston, interviewed me ("Patton") describing the Paluxy River footprints, human tracks and dinosaur tracks side by side. Famous evolutionist, Richard Dawkins of Oxford, is enraged by such evidence and has stated that such evidence "would blow the theory of evolution out of the water." The cited evolutionist didn't like this evidence either. He said: "This entire production was an absolute travesty; it attacked reason and knowledge with outrageous lies and distortions. The show's producers aim was to disseminate falsehood without the responsibility of having to defend it; ..."

6.                  Another cited link quotes evolutionist Ronald Powell's sarcastic remark regarding my ("Patton") reference to Professor E. J. H. Corner of the Cambridge University, who said, "But I still think that to the unprejudiced, the fossil record of plants is in favor of special creation." Powell chafes at the implication and says, "With all of this in mind concerning the lies and frauds that have been committed what would an honest botanical evolutionist say?" He is sarcastically referring to the lies and frauds of evolutionists. (I think it's true without the sarcasm.)

7.                  Another cited link references my ("Patton") use of a statement made by English astronomer and mathematician, Fred Hoyle, who demonstrated challenges to Darwinism from the science of mathematics. "Fred Hoyle is often quoted as comparing the probability of the origin of life to the probability of a tornado building a plane in a junkyard. Hoyle's opinion was based on several mistakes and misconceptions about both evolution and abiogenesis. These errors are detailed in the Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics, and Probability of Abiogenesis Calculations" The blogger does not like Sir Fred Hoyle or me, but in this instance, he is saying that Hoyle is the liar. I have spent a lifetime exposing calloused enemies of the truth, who typically resort to ad hominem attacks and often accuse me of lying (just as NAMI). Those who deny the truth are unable to make a substantive response. What else can they do. Without a substantive response, what else can they do. Of course there are valid examples of this on the internet. Jesus refers to such circumstances as occasions of joy. "Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me. 12 "Rejoice and be glad, for your reward in heaven is great; for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you." (Matthew 5:11)  

8.                  Notorious evolutionist and long time antagonist, Glen Kuban is the source of most of the rest of the NAMI citations. He has spent a major portion of his life slandering creationists, calling them liars. I consider it an honor to be on his list of slandered creationists with scientists such as Henry Morris, John Morris, Stephen Austin, etc.

9.                  Several NAMI citations are related to one of the very human-like tracks in the Paluxy River. Kuban was present when I spoke at a national creation conference in Tennessee, presenting compelling evidence that human and dinosaur tracks were present in the river bed. The next day two witnesses saw Kuban in Texas, in the Paluxy River with a long "iron bar." The two witnesses knew Kuban well and called us immediately, fearing Kuban was damaging the tracks. Two days later we documented that the very track I had featured at the conference in Tennessee, had indeed been vandalized. When the testimony of the witnesses and the vandalization was reported, Kuban went ballistic and called everyone associated with the report a liar and has not slowed down since. Several years later I challenged him to take a polygraph exam regarding the destruction of the track. I offered to pay for the exam if he passed. He said he would, but did not. More years passed and his accusations of lying persisted. So, I found the most reputable polygraph examiner I could find in Texas. His qualifications are detailed on his web site:  Mr. Morris examined my account of the story in great detail and I passed the exam with flying colors. I then challenged Kuban to do the same, offering to pay him double the cost if he passed (provided he use a qualified examiner). This challenge and offer has been detailed on our web since the middle of 2007. Kuban has quit speaking to me but he attacks behind my back as often as possible. His slanderous accusations are all over the internet, but he still has not taken me up on my offer to pay him double his cost if he passes a qualified polygraph exam. On the one hand, we have a plurality of witnesses and a qualified polygraph exam. On the other hand, we have ubiquitous accusations from a notorious slanderer of creationists. Some may not be able to see a difference. Christians can.

10.              Evidently, these kinds of things are the best ad hominem attack NAMI can muster. If this is the worst that can be said, it is a ringing recommendation. Christians see this as time to "Rejoice and be glad!"

11.           While we do not accuse NAMI of the original fraud, which was instigated by Parasut, they are now responsible for dissociating themselves from him rather than taking a defensive posture. We understand the Oriental obsession with saving face, but those in NAMI are called to be Christians first (which they claim to be), with the self-denying humility Christians are called to practice.


1.       It is very clear that NAMI are poorly organized, amateurish, uneducated, naïve and unscientific.

2.       Like Solomon's son Rehoboam, NAMI has rejected the council of the wise for the foolish council of a con man and frauster named "Parasut" who has a reputation in his own home town of being a both a drunkard and a con man.

3.       My purpose in exposing the NAMI fraud is to prevent further damage to the reputation of Jesus Christ and the inspiration of the Bible.

4.       The NAMI fraud will make it more difficult for the world to accept the facts when Noah's Ark really is discovered.

5.   Shockingly, NAMI has announced that they will be selling their new "documentary film" before the end of Dec 31, 2010. Selling? Yes. Remember that one of the two main directors of NAMI is a professional movie maker, not a scientist. They will be making huge amounts of money with this video which is a crime against archeology and an insult to science and truth. TV networks will pay hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars to have the right to promote the film and then show it. Yes the whole thing will be a sham, but NAMI has up to this point been completely unwilling to come clean on the vast number of discrepancies and problems with their Movie Set. It seems NAMI has no interest in truth and much interest in selling a sham documentary to TV networks rather than doing real scientific and archeological investigation by impartial professionals. In time NAMI will be known for what they are.

6.   NAMI claims to have made the biggest archeological find in world history: Noah's Ark. If true, they could invite ANY top rated archeologist alive today and he would be very eager and willing to participate in documenting such a remarkable find of this great magnitude.  Instead, NAMI has chosen to produce a Hollywood style documentary movie that they will sell to the networks and privately to individuals. The choice to make a movie rather than seek out a world class archeologist speaks volumes about who and what NAMI really is, especially in light of the fact that they have terminated any further access to Dr. Randall Price. Dr. Price, a highly qualified, experienced professional archeologist, is a perfect candidate. For the last 5 years he has been Director of the Qumran Plateau Excavation at Qumran, Israel where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. Releasing a movie to make money, rather than professionally documenting their "discovery" in any top professional peer reviewed archeological journal, has all the indications of fraud.

 By Dr. Don Patton


The NAMI response Dec 7, 2010

See also:

Don Patton's video exposing NAMI fraud wmv,  flash,  real Sept 14, 2010

Joint Paper by Randall Price and Don Patton on NAMI fraud Nov 20, 2010

Don Patton's critique of 1st NAMI response Dec 3, 2010


December 7, 2010

Further Statement in Response to Randall Price and Don Patton's Report

On further scrutiny of the materials contained in the captioned Report, together with our internal records of findings based on what we have actually seen at our reported "NAMI Site", coupled with the scientific reports on the specimens taken out from the site, we strongly believe that the large wooden structure at the "NAMI Site" is the legendary Noah's Ark depicted in the Holy Bible. While we acknowledge and agree that further scientific research and studies should be, and would be performed, we however, do not and cannot accept the recent report of Randall Price and Don Patton ("P&P Report") for the reasons as follows:¬

1.           From the site pictures and the GPS location of the P&P Site shown in the P&P Report, we are very certain that they have gone to a wrong site by far, or at least not the "NAMI Site" as they proclaimed. Therefore all the "evidence" put forward in the P&P Report in relation to the "Price and Patton Site" were virtually irrelevant and had no impact on the genuineness of the "NAMI Site" whatsoever.

2.           On the aforesaid premise, we have strong suspicions towards the alleged evidence provided by the Kurds. If those Kurds are indeed members of the working team as they claimed who had involved in (according to their sayings) "setting up of the NAMI Site", the Kurds would have, logically, brought Price and Patton to the correct site in the first place. The credibility of the Kurds as referred in the P&P Report is therefore highly questionable.

3.           We have been informed and have doubts towards the credibility of Patton, in particular, his history of lying about his academic credentials and his conducts of fabricating, presenting false and unverified evidence in public seminars and on other occasions. This can be seen from the references stated below.

4.           Prior to the release of the P&P Report in November 2010, we have entered into a cooperation agreement with an organization to undergo a scientific study on the wooden structure at the "NAMI Site" subsequent to our initial discovery. The agreement, in essence, includes binding provisions on confidentiality which restricted both parties to disclose information of the NAMI Site and the related discovery to any third party or parties until all the work required in the agreement have been completed. For this reason, we are not in a position to disclose any further information about the site at this time.

5.           That said, however, we do have a time table of releasing and disclosing more information concerning the discovery but it is also subject to the progress status of the examination and research work as abovementioned. We are aware that the public may be very eager to know more about the discovery but one must understand that archaeological discovery and verification require a long process of work and investigation demands a certain amount of time.

We sincerely invite those who are genuinely concerned and care about our work and ministries to be patient and to bear with us for the time being. We promise we will release more information about the discovery in the near future.

Noah's Ark Ministries International 7 December, 2010


[Don Patton note about links below. NAMI typed in "don patton's lies" into Google and posted the first 15 outputted results below. Half of the results do not even apply to me and the rest are evolutionists making personal attacks like NAMI has done because they cannot answer my scientific arguments.]

1. The certified credentials of Dr. Don Patton Ph.D. John Blanton had carelessly plagiarized the lies of Glen Kuban without going to the ... Don R. Patton 813 Trails Pkwy Garland, TX 75043 (972) 279-5325 ... -Cached -Similar

2. Don Patton's Phony Degree that explains why: you send me to hell, don´t remember me ,want to make a deal to shut me up, etc. ... Is poor, deficient, and full of lies. ... -Cached -Similar

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4. ASA -April 1998 by thread Re: Cana and apparent age Bill Payne; Re: Don Patton's lies Glenn R. Morton ...

5. Don Patton -Hullabaloo 22 Apr 2009 ... So...just in case you don't believe Patton would lie about everything, go here: Since early 1989, Don Patton, a close associate of Carl ... 8F&cd=3&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=cal -Cached -Similar

6. Why Dr. Don Patton is a Fraud and you should never plagiarise the ... The Bible Tracks website is authored by "Dr" Don Patton's whose Ph.D is in ... No, I'm not surprised that creationists would spin such lies and propaganda! ... -Cached

7. YouTube -Dr. Don Patton: Evolution Tested and Falsified Dr. Don Patton: Evolution Tested and Falsified -MUST SEE! .... LIES -DECEIT ¬FRAUD -The Dilemma ppsimmons4933 views • 10:02 ... -Cached

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10. Quotations about Evolution 3 Aug 2001 ... This is a collection of quotations from Don Patton on the subject .... and I will here only state that I believe the answer mainly lies in ... -Cached -Similar

11. Annals of the Texas Board of Education : Pharyngula 22 Apr 2009 ... Here's an example of the bad guys: Don Patton preening smarmily and ... that he knows are out and out lies (unless he is just insane). ...Cached /pharyngula/2009/04/annals_of_the_texas_board_of_e.php+Don+Patton%27s+lies%E2%8 0%8F&cd=14&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ca

12. Debunking NBC and BC Video's "Mysterious Origins of -XMission ... Carl Baugh, fundamentalist minister Dale Peterson, MD Don Patton, ..... it attacked reason and knowledge with outrageous lies and distortions. ... -United States -Cached -Similar ~tlacy/mom.txt+Don+Patton%27s+lies%E2%80%8F&cd=15&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ca

13. In addition, Baugh and his friends, Don Patton and Clifford Burdick, ... are built upon willful lies by supposed Christians. ... › ... › General Forums › Religion and Philosophy -Cached om/forum/religion-philosophy/ ml+Don+Patton%27s+lies%E2%80%8F&cd=16&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ca

14. Don Patton has a disclaimer about the context of his quotations at ..... "With all of this in mind concerning the lies and frauds that have been committed ... -Cached -Similar gl=ca

15. Quotations and Misquotations 28 Feb 2002 ... Evidence for Creation: Fossil Record by Don Patton quotes Darwin9: .... The Quote Mine Project: Or, Lies, Damned Lies and Quote Mines -Cached -Similar .org/faqs/quotes/+Don+Patton%27s+lies%E2%80%8F&cd=20&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ca


End NAMI comments.




Noah's Ark Ministries International Fraud

NAMI: "Made in China" Fraud Exposed


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Who are NAMI?

Noah's Ark Ministries International

Video by Don Patton exposing the NAMI fraud:

(30 megs) Windows format: WMV: NAMI Fraud of 2008
(60 megs) Flash format: Flash: NAMI Fraud of 2008
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Our critique of NAMI and their response

1.      Don Patton's video exposing NAMI fraud wmv,  flash,  real Sept 14, 2010

2.      Joint Paper by Randall Price and Don Patton on NAMI fraud: Nov 20, 2010

3.      Don Patton's critique of 1st NAMI response: Dec 3, 2010

4.      Don Patton's critique of 2nd NAMI response: Dec 10, 2010

5.       Don Patton's exposes the fake wood photos: Dec 7, 2010

NAMI's fake "Noah's Ark" wood Exposed!

Dr. Patton was guided to the NAMI Ark site by the man who hauled the wood up Mt. Ararat to build it! He recognized the wood that was recovered at the 13,000 foot site and gave the piece to Dr. Patton as a sample.
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The examination of Nami's fake Noah's Ark wood recovered
By Dr. Don Patton

 By Dr. Don Patton


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