The Expository Files

2012; Issues 19.1 through 19.12 

January 19.1
 Beginning Our Nineteenth Year of Expository Files  (The Front Page)
(1 Samuel 7:12-14) "The Stone of Help"
(Job 1:1-22) - What We Can Learn From God
(John 3:1-8) - Being Born Again
(1 Corinthians 1-4) - Case Study: Solving the Unity Issue
Barnabas, A Good Man (Special Series)
Plan of Salvation
“I need help talking to my friends who do not believe in God.”  (The Final Page)
February 19.2
From the Florida College Lecture, 2012 – The Grace of God  (The Front Page)
(Jeremiah 8:18-22)  - The Heart Of The Prophet
(1 Chronicles 4:10) - Not The Prayer of Jabez
(Matthew 5:3-10) - Beautiful Attitudes
(Proverbs 8:35-36) - Sinning Against Wisdom
Rehoboam - “So the King Did Not Listen to the People"  (Special Series)
Plan of Salvation
Call No Man Unclean   (The Final Page)
March 19.3
Godspel  (The Front Page)
(1 John 3:1) - That We Should Be Called “Children of God”
(Genesis 2:7) - The Sanctity of Life
(John 8:12-20) - “You Judge According To The Flesh”
(1 Timothy 2:9-10) - "Modesty"
Habakkuk – A Man Transformed By God's Word  (Special Series)
Plan of Salvation
“Didn’t We Almost Have It All?”  (The Final Page)
April 19.4
Part Time Christians  (The Front Page)
(2 Thessalonians 1:3)  - Paul’s Thankfulness – In Three Specifics
(Psalm 100:4,5) - A Call to Praise!
(Psalm 110:1-7) - "Sit At My Right Hand"
(Joshua 1:7) - Not to the Right or to the Left
Epaphroditus - Philippi’s Apostle and Minister (Special Series)
Plan of Salvation
I Have Not Seen The Righteous Forsaken   (The Final Page)
May 19.5
An Experience of the Captivity  (The Front Page)
(Mark 4:10-12) - “Lest They Return, and I Should Heal Them”
(2 Samuel 13-19) - The Story of Absalom
(John 15::9-17) - A Relationship Passage
(Ephesians 6:1-4) - A Word About Parents And Children
Paul, The Apostle  (Special Series)
Plan of Salvation
The Cards You Were Dealt  (The Final Page)
June 19.6  
Children Teaching Parents  (The Front Page)
(Ephesians 1:3-14) - Running Out of Superlatives
(1 Peter 2:11) - Life Is Transitory
(1 Kings 8:55-61) - God's Holy Temple of Living Stones
(Matthew 5:13) - The Salt of the Earth
Dorcas and Her Good Works  (Special Series)
Plan of Salvation
The Abomination of Desolation  (The Final Page)
July 19.7
“I Will Never Desert You”   (The Front Page)
(1 Chronicles 29:9-17) - God’s Stewards
(John 1:45-46) - Can Any Good Thing Come From Nazareth?
(Ephesians 4:30)  - “And Do not Grieve the Holy Spirit of God”
(Ephesians 2:2,3, 5:8)  - Children Of…
Nathan: Battling Presumption  (Special Series)
Plan of Salvation
Don’t Change Your Mind Over Your Popcorn!  (The Final Page)
August 19.8
Our Message: Jesus is The Way!  (The Front Page)
(Ecclesiastes 1:4-11)  - “There Is Nothing New Under The Sun”
(2 Chronicles 7:14) - "I Will Hear From Heaven"
(Isaiah 55:8-9) - “So Are My Ways Higher Than Your Ways”
(Romans 4:5-8) - Righteousness Apart from Works
Nehemiah: A Cupbearer for the Lord  (Special Series)
Plan of Salvation
And the Flood Came!  (The Final Page)
September 19.9
The Ruler and the Widow   (The Front Page)
(1 Peter 4:10-11) -  As The Utterances of God
(Isaiah 1:18)  - Is Obedience Reasonable?
(Ecclesiastes 3:1-8) - In His Time
(Colossians 1:19-29) - The Preciousness of Reconciliation
Whatever Happened to Justus?  (Special Series)
Plan of Salvation
 Heroes; Then There is The Hero (The Final Page)
October 19.10
Crisis Evangelism: Are We Ready?  (The Front Page)
(Ecclesiastes 7:8-10) - What Is Better?
(Mark 2:1-12) - They Bore Their Friend To Jesus
(John 7:14-17) - Do You Really Want to Know?
(Philippians 4:4-9) - An Attitude Well Pleasing to God
Caleb: Following the Lord Fully  (Special Series)
Plan of Salvation
They Will Not Endure Sound Doctrine   (The Final Page)
November 19.11
“It Is Finished”  (The Front Page)
(Hebrews 2:9) - We See Jesus
(2 Timothy 2:5) - Competing According to the Rules
(Mark 1:1-8) - Mark's Gospel Begins
(Galatians 6:7,8) - Fooling God?
Philip, The Evangelist  (Special Series)
Plan of Salvation
Eve’s Mistake – Our Warning (The Final Page)
December 19.12
Is There A Spiritual Cliff In Your Near Future? (The Front Page)
(Mark 6:1-6) - The Marvel Of Unbelief
(1 Corinthians 16:1-2) - The Wrong Question About 1 Cor. 16
(Genesis 35:1-7) - Do Not Forget Your Vow!
(Acts 1:4) - Apostolic Reaction to the Resurrected Lord's Appearance Unto Them
John Mark: "Useful For Service" (Special Series)
Plan of Salvation
 The Lord Knows How (To Get Us Out Of This Mess)  (The Final Page)