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Archeology of the
Empty Tomb of Jesus

Jesus was laid in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea. (Mt 27:57-60) The history of Jewish burials from the time of Abraham down to the time of Christ gives us a good idea exactly what the tomb of Jesus looked like. See examples of First century tombs with a rolling stone door just like the tomb of Jesus.  

Archeology of the tomb of Jesus


32 “Sign Acts” in the Bible

A “sign act” is where a prophet engages in a non-verbal theatrical display in order to visualize in advance, the outcome of a prophecy.

Catalogue of 32 Sign Acts in the Bible


Jesus dressed like a Rabbi

Jesus was a Jewish Rabbi who wore blue tassels on his robe, arm Tefillin, head Phylactery and Bible verses inside His door Mesusah.

Jesus dressed like a Jewish Rabbi


70 Joseph/Christ antitypes

70 similarities of Joseph as a type of Christ



Jesus Christ

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1.      What are the Old Testament Anti-types of the Blood of Jesus?

2.      Was Jesus Christ really born of a Virgin?

3.      Who does the Bible say Jesus really is?

4.      Did you know these things about the death of Christ?

5.      Have you crucified Jesus?

6.      History and archeology of crucifixion

7.      The Crucifixion Of Jesus

8.      Jesus does not have a human, flesh and bone body now?

9.      Absolute proof that Jesus rose on Sunday NOT SATURDAY!

10.  Chronology of the last week of Christ's life!

11.  Day and year Jesus died: (3 April 33 AD) Friday Nisan 14, 33 AD

12.  The last supper was not a the Sedar lamb meal.

13.  Chronology of Jesus' Last week

14.  The Parables of Jesus




The theme of the rejected blessing of the firstborn given to the second-born


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Able,  Shem,  Abram, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Perez, Rachel, Shimri, Christians



Fulfillment and spiritual lessons of Rachel weeping for her children at Ramah. (true location of Rachel’s tomb)

Stunning solar and lunar events around the birth and death of Christ


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Birth of Christ: Spring 1 BC

10 January 1 BC: Eclipse of moon spoken of by Josephus (Antiquities 17.167) marking the birth of Christ, Herod's Slaughter of the children, the death of Herod the Great.


Noon - 3pm:

Darkness for three hours


Sunlight restored to normal


Centurion: "Truly this was God's Son"

Veil of Temple torn in two

Tombs opened, saints resurrected

6 PM:  Sunset & moonrise at precisely the same time

Eclipsed blood-red moon rises (NASA)

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The Six Trials of Jesus: 3 Jewish and 3 Roman

The Jews found Jesus guilty 3 times.

The Romans found Jesus Innocent 3 times.


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The science of how we interpret the Bible.

Why We Must Obey God's Silence: Acts 15
God's Road map on how to determine doctrine from the Bible

1.      The doctrinal dispute in Acts 15

2.      Examining the four argumentation methods

3.     Generic and specific authority

4.      A critical lesson from the US Constitution!

5.      A critical lesson from the driver's handbook!

6.      Gifts of benevolence from the church treasury: The Bible Pattern


If you drove your car the way you interpret the Bible, would you be arrested?

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Test yourself:
What does this traffic sign mean?
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(a) Left turn only, all other directions forbidden.
(b) Left turn permitted, all other directions OK.
(c) Left turn preferred, all other directions OK.


Various Bible topics:

1.      The Bible rejects any concept of reincarnation

2.      A Christian Analysis of Reincarnation in Contemporary American Society

3.      The 7 Promises Of God to Man

4.      Is Doctrine Important?

5.      What is the true Bible "Christmas" story of the birth of Jesus? (separating fact from Catholic myth)

6.      Sunday is the day Christian's worship!

7.      What will happen at the End Of The World?

8.      What is the 1000 Year Reign of Christ?

9.      Will There Be A Rapture?

10.  Who is the Anti-Christ???

11.  Josh McDowell's powerful evidence for the resurrection of Christ

12.  What are the signs of the times and the great tribulation???

13.  The Final Resurrection of all the dead

14.  Should Christians "Fast" Today?

15.  The Great day of Judgment is coming! Are you ready?

16.  How to attain Sanctification!

17.  How can God call every Star in the sky by name?

18.  When did the Bible say the kingdom of God was to come?

19.  Total Hereditary Depravity or Inherited Sin

20.  The New Testament Jewish Sects: Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, Zealots

21.  Understanding the providence of God

22.  Gifts of benevolence from the church treasury: The Bible Pattern

23.  Bible Faith defined



Types, shadows and Anti-types

Physical Jews were types of spiritual Christians by faith not blood!

Replacement Theology: The church (body of Christ) replaced the Jewish Temple

List of 13 ways the Jewish temple was a type of the Church

List of 15 Abraham and Christian antitypes of Genesis 15

List of 25 similarities of Isaac as a type of Christ

List of 70 similarities of Joseph as a type of Christ

List of 11 Exodus Route types of our salvation in Christ

List of 25 similarities of Moses as a type of Apostle Paul



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