The case of "Amnon and Tamar" (Hysteria, Depression, sickness caused by sexual obsession)

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The case of
"Amnon and Tamar"

(Hysteria, Depression, sickness caused by sexual obsession)

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The case of "Amnon and Tamar"


Biopsychiatric labels DSM-5

Hysteria, Depression, sickness, sexual obsession


Checklist Behaviours DSM-7

Incest, Lust, fornication, deception, uncontentment, anxiety, depression, hatred


Insights MMPI-7



Quick Pick EDS-7.1

Addictions, Vices: sexual lust, fornication


Self-disablement EDS-7.2

Employment: Time off work in bed


Chemical imbalance EDS-7.3



Benefits EDS-7.4

Attention seeking, Pride, Praise, Honour, Fame: EDS-7.4.3

Sympathy: EDS-7.4.5

Control over others: EDS-7.4.6


Monetary EDS-7.5



Annoyance Scale EDS-7.6



Diagnostic Laws EDS-7.7

Law of Narcissistic Behaviour Choice (NBC) EDS-7.7.1.NBC

Law of Derivative Personal Benefit (DPB) EDS-7.7.2.DPB

Law of Domino Problem Transference (DPT) EDS-7.7.4.DPT

Law of Manipulative Rhetorical Malingering (MRM) EDS-7.7.9.MRM

Law of Habitual Smokescreen Decoy (HSD) EDS-7.7.10.HSD


Determine the Problem

He wanted to have sex with his sister.


Ask a Child



5 years later EDS-7.7.LPT

He was killed by Tamar's brother in revenge.




The case of "Amnon".

Hysteria, Depression and sickness caused by sexual obsession with his sister


"Now it was after this that Absalom the son of David had a beautiful sister whose name was Tamar, and Amnon the son of David loved her. Amnon was so frustrated because of his sister Tamar that he made himself ill [the sexual obsession actually made him physically sick so that he could not function normally on a day to day basis.], for she was a virgin, and it seemed hard to Amnon to do anything to her. But Amnon had a friend whose name was Jonadab, the son of Shimeah, David's brother; and Jonadab was a very shrewd man. He said to him, "O son of the king, why are you so depressed [the sickness is depression] morning after morning? Will you not tell me?" Then Amnon said to him, "I am in love with Tamar, the sister of my brother Absalom." Jonadab then said to him, "Lie down on your bed and pretend to be ill; when your father comes to see you, say to him, 'Please let my sister Tamar come and give me some food to eat, and let her prepare the food in my sight, that I may see it and eat from her hand.' " So Amnon lay down and pretended to be ill; when the king came to see him, Amnon said to the king, "Please let my sister Tamar come and make me a couple of cakes in my sight, that I may eat from her hand." Then David sent to the house for Tamar, saying, "Go now to your brother Amnon's house, and prepare food for him." So Tamar went to her brother Amnon's house, and he was lying down. And she took dough, kneaded it, made cakes in his sight, and baked the cakes. She took the pan and dished them out before him, but he refused to eat. And Amnon said, "Have everyone go out from me." So everyone went out from him. Then Amnon said to Tamar, "Bring the food into the bedroom, that I may eat from your hand." So Tamar took the cakes which she had made and brought them into the bedroom to her brother Amnon. When she brought them to him to eat, he took hold of her and said to her, "Come, lie with me, my sister." But she answered him, "No, my brother, do not violate me, for such a thing is not done in Israel; do not do this disgraceful thing! "As for me, where could I get rid of my reproach? And as for you, you will be like one of the fools in Israel. Now therefore, please speak to the king, for he will not withhold me from you." However, he would not listen to her; since he was stronger than she, he violated her and lay with her. Then Amnon hated her with a very great hatred; for the hatred with which he hated her was greater than the love with which he had loved her. And Amnon said to her, "Get up, go away!" But she said to him, "No, because this wrong in sending me away is greater than the other that you have done to me!" Yet he would not listen to her. Then he called his young man who attended him and said, "Now throw this woman out of my presence, and lock the door behind her." Now she had on a long-sleeved garment; for in this manner the virgin daughters of the king dressed themselves in robes. Then his attendant took her out and locked the door behind her. Tamar put ashes on her head and tore her long-sleeved garment which was on her; and she put her hand on her head and went away, crying aloud as she went. Now when King David heard of all these matters, he was very angry. But Absalom did not speak to Amnon either good or bad; for Absalom hated Amnon because he had violated his sister Tamar." 2 Samuel 13:1-19-22



Here is an example of the "sexual obsession turned to hatred" in the Bible. It is a story that ends in the rape of a woman. The specific details, however, are identical to "sexual transference" in counseling: Here is a case of mental illness in the Bible where a man named Amnon was suffering from a depression that had made him physically sick because of his sexual obsession. His mental illness leads him to commit a capital crime, for which he was indeed executed!


Key notes about the story:

  1. Amnon was not keeping his sexual lusts under control.
  2. He developed the "hots" for a beautiful, sexy, drop dead gorgeous woman named Tamar, his half-sister.
  3. He "made himself sick" and also became so depressed, so that he was disabled from functioning normally on a day to day basis.
  4. The inspired narrative tells it like it is: He MADE HIMSELF sick! His sickness was his own fault! Sure he would garner all kinds of sympathy from friends and family, but what he needed was a harsh rebuke and punishment for fanaticizing about the sin of fornication! Had the king found out about the real reason Amnon was "sick and depressed" he could have had Amnon tied to a pole and whipped 39 times. This would probably have saved his life! (Are you listening all you secular progressive liberals who oppose even spanking children?)
  5. The Bible specifically says he was, "depressed".
  6. Unable to control his lusts, Amnon was unable to control his actions which led him to commit the sin and crime of rape. Of course psychiatrists would say he couldn't help himself, being mentally ill and all! But the Bible makes it all too clear!
  7. Immediately after raping Tamar, "Then Amnon hated her with a very great hatred; for the hatred with which he hated her was greater than the love with which he had loved her" v 15. This is exactly what happens in "sexual transference" in protracted counseling sessions. The woman develops a sexual obsession for her counselor, then after she successfully seduces him, he becomes an enemy she hates and attempts to destroy! Women will often want to seduce their counselor as a way to nullify the advice and changes he has been asking her to make. She doesn't really want to change or take his advice, so by bedding him, she can say, "I don't have to listen to you any more... you are no better than me". And of course, she is right! (Even though the advice was still good).
  8. Amnon was a narcissist and a psychopath: After gratifying his own selfish sexual lusts, he threw her out as a piece of worthless garbage. He was only concerned with his own personal feelings and needs. He did not care about others or how they felt. It was all about him!
  9. The psychiatry industry routinely makes sinners into victims who are not responsible for their crimes. Notice that there is a victim in this story, but it is not the one "mentally ill", it is Tamar who was raped. Click the Monopoly card for more discussion. Also: Psychologists view mental patients as victims, deny personal responsibility and look for an outside perpetrator.
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Benefits from behaviour: This illustrates the Law of Narcissistic Behaviour Choice (NBC) EDS-7.7.1.NBC  

  1. Attention seeking, Pride, Praise, Honour, Fame: EDS-7.4.3. As David's firstborn son and the crown prince to the throne, he desperately wanted to tell everyone how much he wanted to bed his sister, but couldn't.
  2. Sympathy: EDS-7.4.5. Others would see him sick and he would gain special privilege.
  3. Control over others: EDS-7.4.6. He was able to control Tamar with his depression. If he was not depressed, the king would not have sent Tamar to his house to feed him.


Diagnostic laws that are seen illustrated in the case of "Amnon":

  1. Amnon calculated that the cost of being depressed and bedridden, was worth the benefit of bedding his sister. This illustrates the Law of Derivative Personal Benefit (DPB) EDS-7.7.2.DPB
  2. When Amnon solved his own problem, he created huge problems for Tamar. Virginity in Israel was of paramount importance. Unlike today, when almost no woman is a virgin on her wedding night, in Israel, a woman lay on a virginity cloth to catch her virginal blood. This cloth was given to the father of the bride I case the groom ever made the false accusation she was not a virgin. If on her wedding night, she was not a virgin, she was stoned in the morning. Tamar never married because of Amnon's rape of her. This illustrates the Law of Domino Problem Transference (DPT) EDS-7.7.4.DPT
  3. Amnon would have been rebuked and shamed if he just came out and told everyone he wanted to bed his sister. So instead, he let his depression do the asking for him and it worked! His friend told him that if the girl was making him sick, to just take her by force. After all, he was the king's son! People who are unable to get what they want with normal modes of communication, will manufacture odd behaviors and conditions to "do the asking for them" in place of words to communicate or achieve their goals. This illustrates the Law of Manipulative Rhetorical Malingering (MRM) EDS-7.7.9.MRM
  4. Amnon's depression was a smokescreen for his real motive to bed his sister. His depression gave him special privilege from the king. This illustrates the Law of Habitual Smokescreen Decoy (HSD) EDS-7.7.10.HSD


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