Casebook of Biblical Psychiatry Version 7


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Based upon:

Real Psychotic behaviour
Real Cases
Real People
Real Causes
Real Solutions

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Casebook of Biblical Psychiatry brings the principles of Biblical Psychiatry to life, based upon real-world cases and familiarizes Christians with different types of situations. This practical companion volume to Biblical Psychiatry includes not only diagnosis, but also in-depth discussions by experienced Christians for Biblical approaches to treatment. This meticulously detailed volume of dynamic real-life case studies is simply a "must read" for all clinical Psychiatrists, mental health care professionals and Christians interested in expert opinion on today's treatment approaches. Psychiatric students, educators, and practitioners-as well as social workers, nurses, medical physicians, and interested laypersons-will find this unique volume of inestimable value in their day-to-day work.

Note: Although these are based upon real case stories, the names and details have been changed to hide the identities of the people. This practice follows the standards of medical case history publication.

Based upon True Clinical Cases: Master index


Biopsychiatric diagnosis

Bible diagnosis


1.  Applesauce


Adultery, Deception, lying, violence, uncontrolled anger, rage

Secret sin of adultery soon to be discovered with pregnant mistress

2.  Candy


Lesbian sex, Deception, lying, Super-Christian Syndrome

Secret sin of lesbian sex that bothered conscience

3.  Muffin


deviant sex practitioner sex, Deception, lying, fornication

Secret sin of deviant sex practitioner sex that bothered conscience

4.  Faint


Adultery, Deception, lying, violence, uncontrolled anger, rage

Two adulteress preacher's wives faint in church during Lord's Supper

5.  Abba

Schizophrenia, Depression

Dependency, Disability welfare, Duty shirking, Insanity, cigarettes, divided obedience

Chose to obey earthly father over heavenly Father: 2 masters

6.  Demon

multiple personality disorder, MPD

Deception, lying, violence

Faking Demon possession

7.  Operator

Schizophrenia, Delusion, paranoia, Insanity plea, Factitious disorder

Murder, Deception, lying, violence, uncontrolled anger, rage

Fabricated psychosis after axe murdering his wife in phone booth

8.  Barefoot

Schizophrenia, delusion, paranoia


she wanted to leave her preacher husband for no cause

9.  Dogs

Schizophrenia, delusion, paranoia

unforgiveness, deception, depression, grudges, uncontrolled anger, rage

Grudge keeping, self-pity, lack of acceptance of being divorced

10.  Zombie

Schizophrenia, bi-polar, Personality Disorder

violence, uncontrolled anger, rage, selfishness, pharmakia

Immaturity, lack of self-control, laziness, drugged for 30 years

11.  Potato

Suicidal, Anxiety, Depression

Anxiety, Deception, selfishness, uncontentment

Financial destitution, expectation of shame, rebuke, scorn

12.  Shampoo

Hysteria, Factitious disorder

Deception, lying, selfishness, narcissism

Self-centered, psychopathic, manipulative

13.  Egg

Depression, suicide

Pharmakia, uncontentment, anxiety, depression, high self-esteem, self-murder

Substance abuse induced brain damage

14.  Twitchy

Tourette's, Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

Lack of Self-control, bodily lust fulfillment through tics, blinking, grunting, nervous habits

Lack of desire to change, will and self-control

15.  Kitten

Schizophrenia, Delusion, Paranoia

Adultery, Deception, lying, violence, uncontrolled anger, rage, slander

Wanted to escape being a preacher's wife and take center stage.

16.  Bewitched

Demon possession, multiple personality disorder, MPD

Deception, lying, violence, rebellion, slandering her father

she is angry with her father

17.  KFC

ADHD, BiPolar, Borderline Personality Disorder, Intermittent Explosive Disorder

Lazy, violence, uncontrolled anger, rage, lack of self-control, pharmakia


Lazy, no self-control, duty shirking, pharmakia


18.  Sunshine

Depression: Seasonal Affective Disorder: SAD, Winter Blues

High self-esteem, Depression, lack of acceptance of life situation

Needs to accept her family is dysfunctional and find happiness outside the family unit.

19.  Hooky


Deception, lying, duty shirking

Fainting spells, mentally induced disability

20.  Sponge

Deception, lying, duty shirking

Selfishness, immaturity, laziness, "psychotic hissy fit", duty shirking, bad parenting, deception, lying, lack of contentment

A woman's unhappiness with her husband leads to the death of her daughter

21.  Crutches

Hysteria: Factitious disorder

Pride, Deception, lying

An Hysteric woman, motivated by fame, entertainment and pride fabricates illnesses and pretends Jung cures her, then advertises his skills as a doctor for her own personal satisfaction

22.  Dominatrix

Incurable alcoholic neurasthenia

Drunkenness, deception, "Not being a man"

A man caught in an unhappy life situation, displays psychotic behaviours rather than "grow up and leave home" to escape his controlling mother and be self-sufficient

23.  Wolfhound

Psychopathic murderer

Jealousy, Murder, covetousness, selfishness, Deception, lying

A woman murders her rival and marries her prize, but she ends up lonely and confesses after 20 years, to a doctor rather than a man of God

24.  Cobbler

Catatonic schizophrenia, delusion, paranoia

Lack of contentment, depression, laziness, duty shirking

A woman is rejected by the love of her life and  choses to become schizophrenic by withdrawing from the real world and is bedridden for 40 years and engages in psychotic behaviour

25.  Socrates

Schizophrenia, (dementia praecox) delusion, paranoia, megalomania

Delusion, Deception, lying, arrogance, pride, laziness

A woman suffering from high self-esteem, is unwilling to accept the low circumstances of her unhappy life situation, choses to become schizophrenic with outbursts of delusions of grandeur.

26.  Moonchild

catatonic, schizophrenic mute Schizophrenia, delusion, paranoia

Deception, lying, violence, uncontrolled anger, rage, laziness, duty shirking

a teen is raped by her brother and his friend, then chooses to escape reality by become schizophrenic by creating her own fantasy world as an escape.

27.  Slappy

Compulsion neurosis: assault

assault, bullying, Lack of self-control, violence, uncontrolled anger, rage, arrogance, selfishness, pride

A woman in committed to an asylum attacks the doctors and staff

28.  Soup

Schizophrenia, depression

Some unknown secret moral sin, Deception, lying

A catholic becomes schizophrenic in response to the persecution of the Catholic church in France and goes on a hunger strike and cured with the threat of torture if he doesn't eat

29.  Hercules


Insanity, Lazy

A simple farmer, with no medical training, cures the insane through slavery with the threat of torture if they disobey

30.  Headless

Schizophrenia, delusion, paranoia

Laziness, Deception, lying, arrogance, pride, boasting, unwilling to admit when wrong.

A watchmaker chooses schizophrenia as a solution to a problem that is never discovered and is cured through appealing to his ego and open ridicule

31.  Lovesick


Depression, delusion, violence, uncontrolled anger, rage, lazy

A young man is jilted by a woman who then commits a crime, ends up first in jail, then the asylum

32.  Subterranean

Schizophrenia, delusion, paranoia

Drunkenness, laziness, Deception, lying

A worthless drunk chooses to become schizophrenic to escape work duties but is cured after 6 water torture treatments.

33.  Deferred

Hysteria, anxiety, depression

Selfishness, uncontentment, anxiety, depression, duty shirking

A woman became went psychotic the day she learned of her younger sisters imminent wedding.

34.  Pregnant

Prenatal depression, Post-partum Depression, PPD

Fornication, anxiety, depression

A man refuses to marry the woman he made pregnant

35.  River

Anxiety, depression, Conversion disorder

Anxiety, depression, lack of self-forgiveness

A mother's arm is paralyzed when her son drowns due to her neglect

36.  Bedridden

Hysteria, conversion disorder

Sloth, laziness

Two bedridden women are cured of paralysis with threats

37.  Brimstone

Religious mania, Schizophrenia, delusion, paranoia

Some specific unknown sin, lack of repentance, Deception

A 20 year old goes schizophrenic after being hearing sermon

38.  Waterfall

Schizophrenia, hysteria

Adultery, laziness, deception, lying

An unhappy wife goes insane and is cured through waterboarding

39.  Mouse

Hysteria; Phobia, conversion disorder

Deception, duty shirking, anxiety, self-strangulation, convulsions

A factory is shut down when 23 young working girls become psychotic

40.  Amnon

Hysteria, Depression

Incest, sexual obsession for sister

Depression and sickness caused by sexual obsession with his sister

41.  Saul

 Schizophrenia, delusion, paranoia

Schizophrenia, delusion and paranoia caused by pride, anger, and jealousy

Pride and narcissism leads the first king of Israel into insanity and schizophrenia

43.   Nebuchadnezzar


Loss of reason 

God struck him with dementia because of his pride.

44. Eeyore


The Eeyore Syndrome

High self-esteem depression disorder


 Based upon True Clinical Cases: Topical index

Biopsychiatric Behaviour Label

Case Studies

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Dominatrix, Egg

Attention-Deficit (ADHD)


Bipolar Disorder (BPD)

Zombie, KFC

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

KFC, Slappy


Candy, Muffin, Abba, Potato, Egg, Deferred, River, Amnon
Eeyore: (The Eeyore Syndrome: High self-esteem depression disorder)

Eating disorders: Anorexia, bulimia


Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Potato, River

Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)
or Dissociative Identity Disorder, (DID)

Demon, Bewitched

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)


Panic Disorder (PD)


Postpartum Depression (PPD)


Post-Traumatic/Stress disorder (PTSD)


Repressed memory syndrome (RMS)

Saskatchewan Satanic Ritual sex abuse sandals

Schizophrenia, Delusion

Applesauce, Faint, Abba, Operator, Barefoot, Dogs, Kitten, Zombie, Wolfhound, Cobbler, Socrates, Moonchild, Soup, Hercules, Headless, Lovesick, Subterranean, Brimstone, Waterfall, Saul

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)


Tourette's Syndrome (TS)



Shampoo, Hooky, Sponge, Crutches, Deferred, Bedridden, Mouse, Amnon

Social Phobia (SP)






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