The case of "Kitten"
(Schizophrenia: Delusion, Paranoia)

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The case of


(Schizophrenia: Delusion, Paranoia)

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The case of "Kitten"


Biopsychiatric labels DSM-5

Schizophrenia, delusion, paranoia


Checklist Behaviours DSM-7

Adultery, Deception, lying, violence, uncontrolled anger, rage, slander


Insights MMPI-7



Quick Pick EDS-7.1

Insanity, Unhappy, Unrespected, Unappreciated, Underpaid


Self-disablement EDS-7.2



Chemical imbalance EDS-7.3

No. They were never prescribed psychiatric drugs.


Benefits EDS-7.4

Fun, entertainment, relief from boredom and monotony: EDS-7.4.2.

Attention seeking, Pride, Praise, Honour, Fame: EDS-7.4.3.

Escape duty or life situation: EDS-7.4.4.

Sympathy: EDS-7.4.5.

Control over others: EDS-7.4.6.

Revenge: EDS-7.4.8.

Invalidate God's law: Desire for divorce without adultery: EDS-7.4.9.         

Smokescreen for secret sin that is soon to be discovered: EDS-7.4.10.

Avoid deserved rebuke, criticism, shame: EDS-7.4.11.


Monetary EDS-7.5



Annoyance Scale EDS-7.6



Diagnostic Laws EDS-7.7

Law of Narcissistic Behaviour Choice (NBC) EDS-7.7.1.NBC

Law of Derivative Personal Benefit (DPB) EDS-7.7.2.DPB

Law of Annoyance Toleration Threshold (ATT) EDS-7.7.5.ATT

Law of Diagnostic Anosognosia Relativism (DAR) EDS-7.7.7.DAR

Law of Psychopathic Modal Catalyst (PMC) EDS-7.7.8.PMC

Law of Manipulative Rhetorical Malingering (MRM) EDS-7.7.9.MRM

Law of Habitual Smokescreen Decoy (HSD) EDS-7.7.10.HSD

Law of Locus Pentaphasic Transmutation (LPT) EDS-7.7.11.LPT

Law of Anticipatory Warthog Psychosis (AWP) EDS-7.7.13.AWP


Determine the Problem

Wanted to escape the being a preacher's wife and start a new life where she was the center of her own world.


Ask a Child

Can I get my laser gun and space suit and join her in the fun? EDS-7.7.12.PMO


5 years later EDS-7.7.LPT

At the end of 5 years, she was married to a new man where she was a world authority on business management.




The case of "Kitten"

Debbie was your typical stay at home mom married to a full time minister of a church. She had raised 4 children. 2 of her children had become high school drop outs and she felt that her time as a stay at home mom was wasted, so in mid-life, Debbie decided to go back to work and start living for herself. She took a short 2 month course at the local college which gave her a certificate in office management. Several months later, she got a job as a file clerk for a large electronics manufacturing company. Within weeks she started coming home with bizarre stories. She told her husband that she a very important employee, so much so, that the company had issued her a security proximity access card to enter the building that was one of a kind! It was the only pink card among all the other staffers. She went to the computer resources department and they indeed confirmed it was not the usual colour, but that it was just an ordinary access card like everyone else. Debbie, of course took the unique colour as proof that something secretive was happening behind the scenes. She started to believe that her department head boss gave her special tasks to do as a test. But why where they testing her? Did they have some grand task for her to do if she passed the test? As she pondered this, Debbie noticed that her company had just secured a contract with NASA to build circuit boards for scientific experiments to be conducted in outer space on the space shuttle. Debbie's heart leaped for joy for she knew then, that she was a secret candidate for a future space mission. She always knew she would do great things! She often told people while she was a stay at home mom, that she could get a $100,000 per year job if she wanted one. She prided herself over those other mothers who "abandoned their children" to daycare and held down full time jobs!

Debbie quit her job and enrolled full time in university and started classes. From the very start Debbie made herself the center of attention at university. Being a mature student, a thief targeted her and cut the lock off her locker the first week of classes (and again 4 months later). Since her locker was the only one that had a lock cut off, Debbie assumed that this was a secret test being conducted on her as part of one of her courses. She believed one of her professors for one of her classes was the "ringleader" from NASA who was in charge of the whole secret program. In fact she believed she was so important, that the entire university had reorganized a curriculum just for her! Over the first months of classes she kept detailed list of a whole string of "oddities" that were happening to her. She noted it was like playing one of those computer puzzle games where you must connect objects in a room with their intended meaning to solve the puzzle like Monkey Island. She called it her "academic adventure". She was excited, upbeat, happy and goal driven. This was the life she had been missing all those years as a stay at home mom!

In one of her classes called "Problem Based Learning" (PBL) she began to assume that she was the center of focus and that the university custom tailored the course for her alone. She began to notice "little oddities" that happened around the campus, and she concluded they were all part of her PBL class. She felt that NASA put "plants" (people) in this class that looked like students, but were there to watch and help train her. One of her fellow class mates, stood out in the class as being clearly "out of place" because he was an older man, of the same age as her. The rest of the class were 20 year olds! She realized just how special and important she was to the university. Of course, she knew how talented and special she was for many years. Finally, someone understood!

She knew the professor had orchestrated these "little oddities" as part of a test to pass the PBL class. This gave her confidence to raise her hand and start openly discussing in front of the whole class all the oddities she had noticed and how she knew that that the professor was behind all these oddities. She winked at her fellow mature student, so as to say that she had "blown his cover". She believed doing this, was how she could show them that she had solved the puzzle and get a good class grade. She was excited about it! Of course what happened was the entire class were stunned and shocked. But she expected this ridicule and scorn... after all they were completely unaware that the class they were taking had been designed and tailored specifically for her alone!

During this time, she demanded that everyone call her by a new name she had chosen and she printed personal business cards with this new first name. She was a new woman with a new identity!

She also noticed the arrival of new janitorial staff near her locker, which she assumed were also "plants" by NASA to keep an eye on her. In fact she started to feel like she was constantly being followed and watched. She created a list of people whom she assumed were NASA spies. It was a long list and she concluded that she must be real important to them if 20 people were working full time behind the scenes just to train her!

She stopped and picked up a female, homeless, transient mental patient and brought her home where she spent 3 nights because Debbie believed that the whole thing was an act and it was NASA's way of getting inside the house to observe her. Her husband became increasingly concerned for the safety and well being of the family and finally drove the transient to a woman's shelter where she was not welcome because of a long past history of aggressive and violent behaviour.

Debbie decided to confront the fellow mature classmate she was sure, was in fact a "NASA spy" in her class. She wrote him a letter asking: "Why are you following me? Are you really a student in my Problem Based Learning class? Who sent you? Are others involved with this in the University? Who are they? What are you reporting to me? What things are you told to do? What things are I supposed to do?" He assumed the whole thing was a joke and began to play along. As a man, he took the letter, as her desire to initiate an intimate relationship with him. He took it as a sign that she was seeking an amorous relationship with him. Indeed, they began to meet at privately at secret locations frequently over the next year. As a joke, he made up a code and gave it to her to solve: KP342XCX. He never knew that for the next 3 years she would try to break the code when in fact it was given to her as a joke. He had no idea what was really going on inside her head.

This emboldened her to confront her professor directly and ask if he too was part of the secret program. She handed him a paper with the secret code on it (KP342XCX) and a list of oddities she had noticed. He denied there was any conspiracy connected with his class, that there were no 'plants' in the classroom and told her to seek immediate psychiatric help. All this in the first 30 days of school! She discounted what he said and assumed his reply was a test. She reasoned that since she is in his "Learning Based Program" class, that this was part of the test, and she was to "read between the lines" to pass the course. If she got the psychiatric examination that he suggested, she would basically fail the "self-confidence test" and they would start looking for someone else to start training. She outsmarted them all! She realized the professor was trying to trick her! She now felt more sure that he was the central ringleader for NASA. She got even more excited!

Over the next few months, she fell in love with this professor and started sending him long love notes. She told many of the ladies in the church that, "She wanted to have his baby", but was a model of morality since she had been tempted and not sinned! She used herself as an example for them to follow on how to be an upstanding Christian resisting sexual temptation!

She continued to try to solve the secret code (KP342XCX) and document oddities in this class. Around Christmas exam time, she followed her professor to his office to talk to him about the various oddities she had noticed in his class. He told her outright that there were no "plant" in the class, that they are ordinary students. He then warned her to never come to his private office again, to make sure her contact with him was "entirely distant and professional", and to only contact him by email. She agreed, but continued to send him love notes via email over the next 3 years.

Many people began to challenge her for proof that she was in a secret astronaut. She began to seek ways to confirm with tangible proof, that she was in the NASA program. Echoing Gideon's prayer to God for a sign with the fleece, she prayed to God and said, "If my son says the word scuba diving at the dinner table tonight, then I will know I am in a the NASA program." Of course he never did say "scuba" that night, but a few days later she found an old school essay in a box of memorabilia that he wrote on scuba diving, and proclaimed that indeed God answered her prayer and "Now I know I am an astronaut for NASA." This pattern of seeking a specific sign to happen, then rewriting the conditions of the sign after the fact to make a failed sign into genuine sign, was common. She always found a way to rationalize everything as proof to support her!

Her husband fully supported her new life at University and did not comprehend the full extent of what was happening in the mind of his beautiful wife. He wrongly assumed this was just a dream or a game or fun she was having. She was happy and the structural function of her life was intact, so he just went along with it. She loved cats and began to bring home kittens. She talk to all of them, but one kitten was her favourite.

As a way to make contact with NASA, she would write signs on paper and paste them in the back window of her car, then park her car at a nearby park. "Mystery solved, confirm contact, send cab a driver with a snow shovel, to chose destiny, I may volunteer, necessary to talk, Questions." The idea was that since NASA was constantly watching her, they would see the sign and send a cab with a snow shovel to the park in the middle of July! This is the proof she needed that she was in the secret program. She started to believe that her phone and car were bugged. A few days later, she walks to the park with the words, "Astronaut ? me" written in words that filled a single page and placed it inside a binder. A wedding is taking place in a nearby park and she was sure some NASA "plants" were in the bridal party. When she opened the binder so the bridal party could see her message, the photographer moves the wedding party into such a position that he can takes a picture of her message for NASA in the background. She believed that the wedding photographer was another NASA spy posing as a wedding photographer. Sixty seconds after the photo was snapped a nearby father collects his children, looks at her, smiles and says "YES," then walks away. She then concluded this man's "YES" was NASA's answer to the page, "Astronaut ? me". She becomes very serious when she contemplates the responsibility of being the first woman to walk on Mars. The responsibility is enormous. She has been chosen by NASA to represent women all over the world as the first woman to set foot on mars. For quite some time she is humbled with the awesome honour NASA has chosen for her to bear. "One small step for woman, one giant leap for womankind…" She realizes that hundreds of years into the future classrooms full of children will hold her up as a hero and mentor of all women! There will be crayon drawings of her hung in the halls of schools.

She targets her husband as annoying and unsupportive of her life goals and a barrier to her life dream. She realizes that her husband is not going to move from Colorado to Florida so she can train to become an astronaut at Cape Canaveral. She views him as selfish and begins to harbour anger and hostility towards him. But NASA has found a solution to "her problem husband". She concludes that NASA already knows how selfish her husband is, and will have to set up an operations base in her home town. She is so very important, that if her husband refuses to allow her to follow her dream and move to Florida, NASA will move operations near to her. About this time, she notices a nearby house on a busy intersection is being converted into a Doctor's office (really a "front" for NASA) two blocks from her house. She carefully reads the official rezoning documents that the city sends out to nearby homeowners to warn of a proposed change in zoning from residential to commercial. She concludes this is the operations base NASA is setting up for her under the "front" of a doctor's office.

She also concludes that the local US Air Force Base was where the main central offices were located to oversee her program. It made perfect sense that NASA would move their main offices to oversee her program into the army base, and set up a small satellite office a block from her home to constantly monitor her. One day, she just walked into the local army base and asked for the Colonel. Although she was disappointed that the Colonel was not going to meet with her personally, she concluded that NASA was going to use the army base as a place to physically get her into shape for the space trip. It made sense to her that NASA would use the army base as her own private "fitness club". They had doctors and specialists to get her into the exact physical shape she needed for a trip to Mars. They could also help her get her weight below 200 lbs.

She notices that NASA has begun to give her performance feed back. As she sits in her office, if her "behaviour is bad" they send garbage trucks at odd hours to hastily and angrily to pick up the garbage. But when she is good (99% of the time, she proudly notes), at the end of the day they send a gold car to drive by. She spray paints the hub caps of her car with gold paint because she is NASA'S "gold star candidate".

Then disaster strikes: She is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This came as a shock. She is worried that when NASA found out, she would be kicked out of the space program. But she suddenly realized that the reason she had been selected by NASA was not because of her exceptional intellectual skills and past accomplishments, but because they wanted to study diabetes in space! She realized that she would likely not survive the mission to Mars. She began to cry because they don't care about her getting below 200 lbs through a rigorous exercise program at NASA's secret "fitness center" at the army base. To them she was disposable! Why would NASA do all that extra work of getting her to losing weight, when they can just throw a bit of extra rocket fuel in the tanks to get her out of the earth's gravitational field! What is 75 pounds? Why she could just leave her make up behind and that would save 20 pounds! She accepted this and determined that she must finish a few projects and tie up a few loose ends because she won't be returning to earth. She became obsessed with dying and realizes she needs to write a will. She becomes paranoid that all her friends are suddenly asking for various household belongings. She describes them as "circling vultures."

She begins to notice that when the ISS (International Space Station) is flying overhead that her computer monitor flickers. She says, "That the ISS" or "hello" in a loud voice so they know she got the signal... since her office is bugged and they are remotely recording everything she says. She notes how clever she is for being so smart so as to have figured all this out on her own! Often she would ask in her mind, "Can you hear me?" wondering if NASA can even read her inner thoughts. After all, science has come a long way recently!

Like Charles Manson and "Helter Skelter", she felt that Shania Twain's song, "UP" was a secret message to her because "she can be an astronaut" were words in the song.

She would get secret coded messages from NASA in a variety of ways: On the NASA website she assumed many of the articles were written specifically to her and her alone. She realizes that "AT&T Telephone" was a code word for "NASA". She would get junk mail flyers from "AT&T" in the mailbox and believe they were messages that told her what colour clothing to wear for the day. Sometimes brown and blue. Sometimes gold. Sometimes blue and yellow. Just like the movie, "A beautiful mind," her office had about 10 "AT&T" junk mail flyers taped to the walls. Spam emails that a rich widow of a former finance Minster in Ghana needing Debbie's personal help to transfer 4.5 million dollars out of the country for a 50% cut, were really a secret way for NASA to get her the money she needed as part of her astronaut training and become independent from her husband! Unlike her husband, the good men at NASA were taking care of all her financial needs.

She walked across a long train trestle with open rails and no side guards while slowly waving her hands, imagining she was doing a space walk. She understood how dangerous it was but rationalized it because she would walk train tracks all the time as a little girl! Many people see her on the trestle and it causes quite a commotion. By the time the police arrived, she was gone.

She started seeing secret messages that she had been selected for an astronaut training program in everything. She went to a public lecture on diabetes and the presenter flashed a picture of an astronaut as part of the powerpoint presentation. Debbie believed this was there as a sign to her from NASA.

A couple of years pass.

Now, she firmly believed she had been personally selected in an astronaut training program, but she still needed proof. She had to convince the skeptics! She started seeking proof because her husband started to question her sanity. Debbie believed that a second professor (who was her female friend) at the University was also part of the secret NASA program. So Debbie pleaded with the professor to supply proof so that Debbie could show her husband. The professor listened to many of the "oddities" that had been happening over the past 3 years and realized that Debbie was delusional. However, the professor could see, from the way Debbie talked about her husband, that he was the problem she was trying to escape from.

She began to tell her husband and children, including an announcement at the Christmas dinner table in front of 40 family members, that she had been selected as an astronaut on a manned mission to Mars, and suggested a launch date of 2015 AD.

She ordered a Russian language software course and began to stay up till 3 - 4 AM learning Russian. The reason, she said, was that when she docks with the ISS, she needed to be able to talk to the Russian astronauts. She told everyone in church that she could use her Russian language skills to evangelize Siberia! She felt she was a model of Christian evangelism for the rest of the local church because of this.

She had a grandiose image of herself and would tell people that, "There are fatal risks in being an astronaut. I am contributing to the welfare of mankind. My life for theirs." She told a close friend that she had solved the most difficult mathematical question the University had ever encountered. She also told people that being diagnosed with Diabetes was a providential blessing from God since this would enhance the mission to Mars because the scientists would be studying her diabetic response in space for the first time! She was a bargain. In her, they got the first woman on Mars AND a study the effects of weightlessness on diabetes! NASA, she reasoned, selected experiments that could test many things at the same time! She noted that no other astronaut had diabetes and she was therefore very valuable as a living test lab in space.

She was paranoid, but she started to let her secret come out of the closet in open discussion. She told many people that there were undercover NASA assistants everywhere, who constantly being followed, under surveillance. She believed that NASA had installed a covert video camera in the nearby park where she walked. She believed that the staff at the university bookstore as well as the janitors were part of her "academic adventure". She believed certain fellow classmates were part of the secret program to help her. She told others that NASA had moved into the nearby apartment building and the new next door neighbors were also NASA Spies! At large public events she would comment to others: There are NASA Secret Agents at the party sent to protect her and that these agents were watching her at all times to ensure that she was safe. She said she enjoyed taking them on wild goose chases in the evenings at home when she went out for her walks in the park but take a totally unpredictable trail. She went to a small private dinner party where two men were visiting from Jordan and who did not speak any English. She believed they were really NASA undercover agents there to simply watch and evaluate her. She knew they could really speak English because when she would whisper the word NASA to them, they would smile. She prided herself in outsmarting NASA again!

She finally became so bold so as to tell her long time female friend that she was going to be an astronaut! Then Debbie loaded her trunk up with all the proof she had accumulated that she was an astronaut and drove to the private residence of her "female" family doctor of 25 years. Debbie opened the trunk as proof to make her a believer. This deeply troubled the female doctor, but because of professional conflict of interest laws, she realized there was little she could do.

She began to have hallucinations.

  1. She hallucinated by seeing a green laser beam dot on the steering wheel of her car while she drove. Other times the laser beam would pulsate. She had researched and come to the conclusion that the laser beam was in fact the MOLA (Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter). She wondered why she was so important that they would instruct the MOLA to aim the laser beam on her! She realized it was all part of her training to be an astronaut.
  2. She would see fireballs in the sky.
  3. She would frequently see the International Space Station in the sky in the daytime and it would frequently shine beams of light on her house. When it was shown her that it was almost impossible to see the ISS during the day time, she replied, "Of course, but they are shining a light on me from the ISS". She described what she saw as, "intense brilliant white light filled the backyard and the house. You could feel the strong heat, it was burning my face, it was very very hot". This happened over a 15 minute period during which time, she went and knocked on 4 neighbors doors (except for the new next door neighbors she knew were really NASA spies) and told them to look at the bright light in the sky. She wondered why the ISS was singling her out by beaming this light on her where ever she went. She would go into great detail to draw and document these sightings on a day to day basis. When her husband told her that scientifically, it is almost impossible to see the space station in the daytime, only at night, she replied, "that proves this is a special light just for me. You preach about the Star of Bethlehem, this is the "Star of Debbie".  Other times the light would shine right inside the house which regular pulsating beams of light and heat. She began to tell everyone about her sightings. She would hand out a log of her sightings with the time of day as proof. When it was shown on a webpage that the ISS was not in an orbit anywhere close to her when she recorded the sighting, she replied that "you cannot trust what you read on the internet"!
  4. She would notice that strong winds would blow only in her back hard but nowhere else on the street.
  5. She also noticed an object she saw with her naked eye, that she described as being "launched from the sun to the earth". She realized she had just seen the FPP "floating potential probe".
  6. She started to see UFO's that she described as shaped like a "saucer" but much larger than an airplane and moving much slower, with a small circular visible light in the middle.
  7. She started to see a "black disk" eclipsing the sun. This caused her to start looking directly at the sun frequently for short periods of time. (A behaviour that she taught her 4 children not to do because it would cause blindness looking directly into the sun.)

She would also get very excited, giddy and playful. Her hairdresser reported that "Debbie would sit in the waiting room, rocking back and forth, while talking and laughing to herself and clutching and cradling a binder of secret notes that she would not show anybody."

She went out and purchased over $1000 worth of toys, dolls, doll houses etc and would spend hours playing with them in her office.

90% of Debbie's life was normal and well-functioning. She kept house, made meals, enjoyed regular conjugal relations, went to church, attended parties, graduated university. It was the 10% that gave evidence of schizophrenia. Until her hospitalization, she continued to work, keep the house in perfect order, attending church, went to social functions, went back to school and graduated with a degree in computer engineering. When she told some of her friends about "her dream to be an a astronaut", they wrote her letters of congratulations to her for her amazing goals and they were so proud of her. Debbie knew exactly how to make her delusion sound rational and credible by first describing how being an astronaut was a life goal, then if they praised her, she would tell them she had actually been chosen to train in a top secret NASA astronaut program. If the person seemed supported the first stage of information, Debbie began to entrust them with the top secret stuff. This second stage of information caused her friends great distress about her mental health and they would ask her husband questions ranging from, "Is Debbie doing ok?" to "Your wife is very sick, you need to get her immediate psychiatric help". Debbie was becoming a huge problem and distraction for her husband to deal with. He would confront her and ask her to stop telling others about being an astronaut. Once again, Debbie had confirmation that her husband was a problem that stood between herself and her life goals.

Debbie began telling a lot of people that her husband was sick and needed professional psychiatric help. She also desperately wanted to prove to him that she was in an astronaut training program. Debbie had a longtime friend who actually worked as a department head of the local mental Asylum. She visited this friend because she wanted to prove that her husband was mentally ill and that she was ok. Indeed, after the first visit, he concluded her husband was mentally ill, based upon what she told him. However it was not until her second visit to him, that she told him about how NASA had selected her as an astronaut. She brought actual examples of the "AT&T" flyers NASA would use to indicate which colour of clothing she should wear that day. She also told him how NASA spies would drive cars of the same colour and follow her while she drove. He replied to her, "Do you know how often I hear this kind of thing in the mental ward from many of my patients?" She replied, "This confirms that what I have said is real, not imaginary. You didn't say that I've never heard or seen what I have described; others have also witnessed the same 'odd experience' and therefore this proves I am not mentally ill after all!" He replied: "You may have a mood disorder, or a delusional disorder, or bi-polar affective disorder and are in a Hypomanic state, or have a Narcissistic personality disorder or are suffering from a kind of Grandiose Fantasies delusional disorder. I would recommend you immediately check yourself into the mental hospital and ask your doctor to prescribe something like Risperidone or Olanzapine."

The mental hospital.

Debbie was an angry person and had been for many, many years. She would regularly scream, yell and swear at her husband. Their little pet Chihuahua, which was by nature timid and nervous, became terrified of Debbie and would run shivering into the lap of her husband for protection. One evening Debbie was angry at her husband for buying her daughter a baby hedgehog as a pet for her birthday. Debbie grabbed a large kitchen knife and chased him across the house, pinning him with his back against the front door and threatened to kill him. The "birthday girl" jumped in-between her father and mother, so that if anyone was going to die, it would be her, not her father. Debbie dropped the knife and then went into a convulsive fit and lay immobilized on the floor groaning, drooling and foaming at the mouth, body twitching with her eyes rolled back in her head. An ambulance was called and she finally ended up in the mental ward of the local hospital for 10 days. The authorities were never told about Debbie threatening to kill her husband with a knife because her family loved her and wanted her to get better.

Predictably, as a kind of pre-emptive strike, Debbie began to tell friends and family her husband physically abused her. Several of these investigated and determined Debbie was lying, but excused her because she was obviously mentally ill. In fact several members of the church rallied to Debbie's side, not because they believed her story, but because they believed she was sick and wanted to help her.

When the ambulance came to get her, she snapped out of her catatonic state and begged the paramedics to let her get off the stretcher and hide the top secret NASA documents sitting in her laser printer of her office. After the ambulance left, her husband went to see what these "top secret" documents were that she had just printed. In the printer were some technical notes on the Apollo 10 space launch that she had printed off of the public domain "NASA Kids' Club" website. When her husband first visited Debbie in her hospital room the next day, she was sitting in the chair beside her bed. She looked up with an angry but defeated look and said, "If you had just shown the ambulance driver the 'top secret' information that NASA had sent me, they would have believed me that I was being trained by them to be an astronaut." Her husband left the room and cried.

The last thing she wrote before going into the mental hospital was on a sticky note which said this: "????????????????? question, question, question. Need answer, need answer, need answer." Deep down Debbie knew it was all a delusion.

She told the Asylum staff that she never actually told anybody that she was a secret astronaut for NASA, but that it was merely "her dream". Since the law prevents psychiatric treatment against someone's will unless they are going to kill/harm themselves or others, they released her after 21 days.

She left the Asylum, divorced her husband, moved far away. A few years later Debbie married a man who was not a Christian and became a world famous expert specializing in "International Affairs", where all the nations of the earth sought her audience for help and advice. She still talks to her favorite "kitten" about her future intergalactic voyage when she thinks no one is listening… but she talks quietly because you never know might be listening.


The above case is similar to two other cases described in "Faint", where both exhibited fainting spells in the middle of a church service, exactly when cognitive dissonance (bad conscience) would most active. One of the subjects of "Faint" was a preacher's wife who was directly involved in a secret sexual affair at the exact time she fainted in church. It is actually common for people to faint in church and then be admitted to the mental hospital as we see in 1813 AD. "In one instance, the disorder came on during the singing in a Methodist meeting-house ; but an extraordinary excitement had been previously observed ; which, it is at least highly probable, led the patient to the place where the ebullition [boiling, unsettled] of his mind, could no longer be repressed." (Description Of The Retreat For Insane, Samuel Tuke, 1813 AD)

Benefits of psychotic behaviour: Law of Narcissistic Behaviour Choice (NBC) EDS-7.7.1.NBC

  1. Fun, entertainment, relief from boredom and monotony: EDS-7.4.2. There was a clear sense of fun and entertainment that was added to her boring life under the shadow of a preacher.
  2. Attention seeking, Pride, Praise, Honour, Fame: EDS-7.4.3. Debbie wanted to escape from under her husband, who was always in the limelight and become famous.
  3. Escape duty or life situation: EDS-7.4.4. She wanted to escape being a preacher's wife and her husband.
  4. Sympathy: EDS-7.4.5. She would go to great lengths to get people to feel sorry for her in order to overlook her sin.
  5. Control over others: EDS-7.4.6. She would use her psychotic behaviour as a threat to get her way with her husband.
  6. Revenge: EDS-7.4.8. She was resentful for the authority God had given her husband over her as her head.
  7. Invalidate God's law: Desire for divorce without adultery: EDS-7.4.9.
  8. Smokescreen for secret sin that is soon to be discovered: EDS-7.4.10. She was having secret trysts with several men and knew it would be discovered sooner or later.
  9. Avoid deserved rebuke, criticism, shame: EDS-7.4.11. Above all, Debbie was a narcissist who would not tolerate any rebuke, criticism or shaming and would go to any lengths to avoid it, including becoming schizophrenic.


Diagnostic laws that are seen illustrated in the case of "Kitten":

  1. Debbie was willing to endure the negative label of crazy, if she gained the benefit of leaving her husband with the approval of the church. This illustrates the Law of Derivative Personal Benefit (DPB) EDS-7.7.2.DPB.
  2. Debbie's husband was very tolerant and willing to do anything at any cost, to keep his marriage intact. This meant that he had a high threshold of annoyance that he would tolerate before he began to take action against her to gain relief. This illustrates the Law of Annoyance Toleration Threshold (ATT) EDS-7.7.5.ATT
  3. Debbie knew her behaviours were entirely fabricated and within her own control to cease when she so willed. When the psychiatrists prescribed neuroleptic drugs to "fix" her psychotic thinking and behaviour, she refused to ingest them. This illustrates the Law of Diagnostic Anosognosia Relativism (DAR) EDS-7.7.7.DAR
  4. Debbie fabricated odd and annoying behaviour in order to create behaviour changes in her friends and church family to achieve her life goals. This illustrates the Law of Psychopathic Modal Catalyst (PMC) EDS-7.7.8.PMC
  5. Debbie realized that if she just told the ladies in the church that she was unhappy with her husband and she was leaving him for no reason, that she would become the object of rebuke and scorn. By making herself out to be insane in the eyes of the same church ladies so that they label her "mentally ill", she is able to slander her husband and then leave him for "cause". This illustrates the Law of Manipulative Rhetorical Malingering (MRM) EDS-7.7.9.MRM
  6. Debbie knew that if her secret sinful behaviours were brought out in the open, that her moral behaviour would become the central focus. Her manufactured schizophrenic behaviours became the central focus and her sinful moral behaviours were put on the back burner and tolerated, "because she is sick and needs our sympathy and encouragement now". This illustrates the Law of Habitual Smokescreen Decoy (HSD) EDS-7.7.10.HSD
  7. Many wondered why Debbie chose to become schizophrenic. However, if you ignore the details and look at where she was five years later, it provides the answer. At the beginning of 5 years, she was a preacher's wife who was in the background behind his dominant shadow. At the end of 5 years, she was remarried to a passive man who let her be dominant and famous in the foreground. Debbie was unhappy in her life situation and ended up exactly where she really wanted to be. To achieve this goal, she needed to be labeled crazy as a way of exempting her from rebuke and acceptance in another local church, should she chose to attend. This illustrates the Law of Locus Pentaphasic Transmutation (LPT) EDS-7.7.11.LPT

8.      "Schizophrenia is how the mind rationalizes the irrational." Debbie knew her Bible well enough that there was no rational way she could leave her husband and have the blessing of the church and God. However, she had determined, in spite of what the Bible said, to leave her husband anyway. The contradiction of the mind forced Debbie into her own fantasy world with her own set of delusional rules about why she can or cannot leave her husband. Her rational mind knew the only escape from reality, was the fantasy world. Deep down, however, she knew leaving her husband was going to cause her a lot of trouble and grief. Her delusional and paranoid thinking and behaviours began in advance of the rebuke she knew was coming, much the same way a warthog begins squealing and stamping its feet on one spot before it decides to run through the electric fence. The shock of the electric fence represents the rebuke and scorn she would receive when she left her husband. The green grass on the other side of the fence that the warthog wanted to eat represented her new life with a new husband. This illustrates the Law of Anticipatory Warthog Psychosis (AWP) EDS-7.7.13.AWP

In today's immoral world, non-Christian wives leave their husbands for no reason all the time and because they are their own highest moral standard they never become psychotic. Historically non-Christian wives did become psychotic when they wanted to leave their husbands, not because they knew the Bible forbad it, but because of social stigma against it existed. For example, in the 1950's a divorced woman or an unwed mother, garnered much scorn and rebuke from society in general. Today's immoral culture of pre-marital sex, common law and gay marriage, there is nothing but the woman's own moral standards keeping her from leaving her husband if she is unhappy. Christian's, however, as we see in Debbie, hold themselves to a moral standard outside themselves: God. This is the same God who will judge them and send them to eternal hellfire if they rebelliously sin without repentance. In addition to God holding Debbie to her account for her moral choices, her entire social world were church people who, unlike people of the world, would also hold Debbie accountable for her sin of leaving her husband for no reason.

Note: Although these are based upon real case stories, the names and details have been changed to hide the identities of the people. This practice follows the standards of medical case history publication.


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