The case of "Operator" (Schizophrenia, Faked Insanity plea)

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The case of


Schizophrenia, delusion, paranoia Faked insanity plea

Factitious disorder: F68.1

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The case of "Operator"


Biopsychiatric labels DSM-5

Schizophrenia, delusion, paranoia; Factitious disorder: Faking mental illness: F68.1


Checklist Behaviours DSM-7

Murder, Deception, lying, violence, uncontrolled anger, rage


Insights MMPI-7



Quick Pick EDS-7.1



Self-disablement EDS-7.2



Chemical imbalance EDS-7.3

Yes, psychiatrist prescribed drugs as condition of release from jail: possible brain damage and Tardive Dyskinesia


Benefits EDS-7.4

To escape criminal prosecution: EDS-7.4.1


Monetary EDS-7.5



Annoyance Scale EDS-7.6



Diagnostic Laws EDS-7.7

Law of Narcissistic Behaviour Choice (NBC) EDS-7.7.1.NBC

Law of Derivative Personal Benefit (DPB) EDS-7.7.2.DPB

Law of Symbiotic Treasury Parasitosis (STP) EDS-7.7.6.STP

Law of Diagnostic Anosognosia Relativism (DAR) EDS-7.7.7.DAR

Law of Habitual Smokescreen Decoy (HSD) EDS-7.7.10.HSD

Law of Locus Pentaphasic Transmutation (LPT) EDS-7.7.11.LPT

Law of Pediatric Multifarious Obfuscation (PMO) EDS-7.7.12.PMO

Law of Anticipatory Warthog Psychosis (AWP) EDS-7.7.13.AWP


Determine the Problem

Fabricated psychosis to escape long jail sentence.


Ask a Child

I would feel and ask like he did if I just killed one of my friends with an axe. EDS-7.7.12.PMO


5 years later EDS-7.7.LPT

Out of jail much earlier than if he had not become psychotic.




The case of "Operator"

Winston was a recent immigrant to the USA from Trinidad and was accustomed to violent behavior. He settled into his new life well and married. After about a year he and his wife got into an argument. He hit her in the face and she ran out to a phone booth to dial 911 for the police. This enraged Winston and followed her to the phone booth to keep her from calling the police. He then he bludgeoned her to death with an axe inside the phone booth. He then dialed the operator and started babbling incoherently, interspersing things like, "what's all this blood doing in this phone booth" with screams. He also screamed that the devil was after him and started hitting the phone and making a racket. He even cut himself a few times with the axe. The operator forwarded the call to 911 and his ranting continued for over 18 minutes until the police arrived and arrested him for the first degree murder of his wife.

However in court his lawyer argued Winston was mentally ill since he was hallucinating that it was the devil he was pulverizing in the phone booth, not his wife. He argued that he was delusional and schizophrenic. Although he had no prior record of being mentally ill, the jury found him not guilty for reasons of insanity.

He spent about 2 years in a mental institution and was released on parole into the community. He had become a Christian in prison and studied the Bible all the time. This helped convince the parole board he was a new man. As soon as he got out, he was relocated to a new city. He responded to a mail drop coupon and phoned the preacher up with such urgency, that the preacher had to had deliver the first lesson of a correspondence course. By the second personal bible study, Winston leaped at the opportunity at being baptized. He was baptized for the remission sins before attending the church. Then he started attending church every week without fail and continued studying with the preacher. Six months later he met and married a Trinidadian woman who had recently became a Christian that he met in church.

Winston talked about how he didn't really need to take his drugs. Although he was under court order to take them, he often did not. About a year after he was baptized (about 14 months after getting out of the mental hospital) Winston started to become independent and did not feel he needed to attend church or follow the direction of others. He quit attending church and moved into a new city.

Eight years later, Winston was killed in a retaliatory drug revenge hit.

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A psychiatrist defended Winston's senseless act of pure evil in a court of law as something his body chemicals drove him to do. This is called the "not guilty for reasons of insanity plea".

If ever their was a story of a con, this is it! From the phony fabrication of seeing the devil's face in his wife as the reason he murdered her to his fake interest in religion to gain early release, Winston was a con. He should have been executed for first degree murder. It was clear that Winston was using religion as a way to make him look better to the "officials" and beat the punishment of being locked up in a mental hospital. When he first got out of prison he was very willing to take and follow any advice he was told. It was almost sickening how phony it was. Of course as time went on, and he realized he had gotten away with murder, Winston reverted back to his arrogant, independent "gangster" self. When the perfect amount of time had passed, he realized that he did not need the "cover" of religion to stay out of the locked down mental ward. It was then that his spiritual interest suddenly evaporated and he refused to take advice from the preacher or the elder of the church.

Benefits from schizophrenia: This illustrates the Law of Narcissistic Behaviour Choice (NBC) EDS-7.7.1.NBC

  1. To escape criminal prosecution: EDS-7.4.1


Diagnostic laws that are seen illustrated in the case of "operator":

  1. Winston escaped a long jail sentence with his schizophrenia. This illustrates the Law of Narcissistic Behaviour Choice (NBC) EDS-7.7.1.NBC
  2. Winston was calculated that the cost of being labeled insane, was much less than spending 25 years in jail. This illustrates the Law of Derivative Personal Benefit (DPB) EDS-7.7.2.DPB
  3. Winston desperately needed to be diagnosed as insane and the doctor needed enough patients to treat, in order to keep his yacht filled with fuel. This illustrates the Law of Symbiotic Treasury Parasitosis (STP) EDS-7.7.6.STP
  4. Winston knew psychiatric drugs were not needed to fix his chemical imbalance because he had fabricated the story of "the devil made me do it" after the fact. It was his only possible escape from jail. Obviously he had little respect in the expert psychiatrists he had tricked into diagnosing him with a chemical imbalance in his brain. This illustrates the Law of Diagnostic Anosognosia Relativism (DAR) EDS-7.7.7.DAR
  5. The story of seeing the devil in place of his wife's as the reason he axe murdered her, drew attention away from the murder itself and focused attention of a biological medical problem. This illustrates the Law of Habitual Smokescreen Decoy (HSD) EDS-7.7.10.HSD
  6. Five years after Winston killed his wife, he was a free man. This illustrates the Law of Locus Pentaphasic Transmutation (LPT) EDS-7.7.11.LPT
  7. Winston knew that he needed to complicate the simple truth that he was angry with his wife with a complicated story of satanic possession triggered by a malfunctioning brain. A child would say, "He was very angry with his wife". This illustrates the Law of Pediatric Multifarious Obfuscation (PMO) EDS-7.7.12.PMO
  8. Winston knew there was no rational way he could explain his way out of axe murdering his wife to death, so he chose to enter a world of his own creation. "Schizophrenia is how the mind rationalizes the irrational." His rational mind knew the only escape from reality, was the fantasy world. His delusions about demon possession began after the crime but in advance of the arrest he knew was coming, much the same way a warthog begins squealing and stamping its feet on one spot before it decides to run through the electric fence. Law of Anticipatory Warthog Psychosis (AWP) EDS-7.7.13.AWP

Eight years later, Winston had become a member of a criminal organization and was killed in drug gun battle. He eventually gravitated back to the real Winston before he murdered his wife with an axe.

Note: Although these are based upon real case stories, the names and details have been changed to hide the identities of the people. This practice follows the standards of medical case history publication.


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