The Myth of Mental Illness
Thomas Szasz
1961 AD, revised edition 1974 AD

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Thomas Szasz has done work in exposing the frauds and myths of psychiatry of the magnitude of several Nobel prizes, and has correctly declared that there is no physical or bodily illnesses associated with behaviours psychiatrists view as evidence of schizophrenia (brain damage).


"Thus, whereas in modern medicine new diseases were discovered, in modern psychiatry they were invented. Paresis was proved to be a disease; hysteria was declared to be one." (The Myth of Mental Illness, Thomas Szasz 1961 AD, p12)


" that bodily illness stands in the same relation to mental illness as a defective television set stands to a bad television program. Of course, the word "sick" is often used metaphorically. We call jokes "sick," economies "sick," sometimes even the whole world "sick"; but only when we call minds "sick" do we systematically mistake and strategically misinterpret metaphor for fact—and send for the doctor to "cure" the "illness." It is as if a television viewer were to send for a television repairman because he dislikes the program he sees on the screen?" (The Myth of Mental Illness, Thomas Szasz 1961 AD, pxi)


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