The Transformation Of The Mad-Doctoring Trade
Andrew Scull
1994 AD

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Chapter One: The Transformation Of The Mad-Doctoring Trade 3

Chapter Two: A Bethlemetical Mad-Doctor: John Haslam (1764-1844) 10

Chapter Three: A Brilliant Career? John Conolly (1794-1866) 48

Chapter Four: The Alienist As Propagandist: W.A.F. Browne (1805-1885) 84

Chapter Five: Treating The Mad Outside Asylum Walls: Sir Alexander Morison (1779-1866) 123

Chapter Six: The Administration Of Lunacy In Victorian England: Samuel Gaskell (1807-1886) 161


"The birth of the asylum in its turn was intimately bound up with the emergence and consolidation of a newly self-conscious group of people laying claim to expertise in the treatment of mental disorder and asserting their right to a monopoly over its identification and treatment. It is with this increasingly organized specialism that this book is concerned. We seek to understand the growth and development of a collective consciousness and organization among a subset of medical men, the ancestors of the modern profession now called psychiatry."


The Transformation Of The Mad-Doctoring Trade, Andrew Scull, 1994 AD




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