Before you start consider this

The wise old church elder said, "Depression is not a medical problem, it is a faith problem."

Since insanity, schizophrenia, bipolar and depression have no biological cause, this essentially banishes Biopsychiatry to the Junk Science Hall of Fame beside Humoral Medicine. Psychotic behaviour is never caused by demon possession, but is a simple behaviour choice. This obsoletes psychiatric drugs and shocks as cures. It extincts all psychiatrists who claim to be experts in something they do not think exists ("psychiatrist" lit. Greek: "doctor of the soul"). What is left standing is the Bible and Christians who had it right all along as the historic experts on human behaviour.

We strongly advise anyone with any "mental illness" from depression to schizophrenia to book an appointment with their medical doctor for an exhaustive physical examination, including blood tests, brain scans, etc. to convince themselves that there is nothing physically wrong with them. Remember, there are no medical tests for any mental illness or any other human behaviour. Welcome to the truth. Read with an open mind. Find a church in my hometown for me to attend.


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"The spirit of a man can endure a sick body, but who can bear a broken spirit?" (Prov 18:14)

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Six pillars of the Clinical Textbook of Biblical Psychiatry

The Foundation is Jesus Christ, "Doctor of the Soul": "For no man can lay a foundation other than the one which is laid, which is Jesus Christ." (1 Corinthians 3:11).




The Bible: "All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work." (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

The Bible is the Creator's moral code for human behavior. When you ignore the label "mental illness" and focus on their behaviour, you identify one or a combination of the 155 sins listed in the Bible. Unlike psychologists, Christians ignore past traumas and focus on unwanted behaviours of the present. Unlike psychiatrists, Christians ignore a diagnosis and focus on identifying sinful thoughts and behaviours that must change with loving tears of encouragement. Biopsychiatrists mock the Bible as a moral code and replace it with a moral code called the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) which is the atheists Bible that defines good and bad behaviour. [see video] If you violate God's moral code of the Bible you are a sinner. If you violate the Biopsychiatrists moral code of the DSM-5 you are "mentally ill". Psychiatry is in competition with God because they have produced their own Bible of what is good and bad behaviour.





Science:avoid worldly and empty chatter and the opposing arguments of what is falsely called “science” (1 Timothy 6:20, kjv)

Three hundred years ago, "mad doctors" believed in the myth that "humoral imbalances" caused insanity and used treatments like bloodletting, vomits and blisters to correct the imbalance. In the search for the elusive biological cause for insanity, today's psychiatrists believe in mythical biochemical imbalance in the neurotransmitters of the brain and use treatments like shocks and drugs to correct those mythical imbalances. Mental illness as a disease is a myth but as behaviour it is real. [See video] Schizophrenia as a disease is a myth but the behaviours of delusion and paranoia are real. There is no scientific medical test to detect any mental illness and it is impossible to diagnose a schizophrenic unless he talks! The myth that depression is a serious medical condition is the only disease spread by word of mouth and represents the most successful advertising frauds in history by drug companies. The only chemical imbalance in the brain of a mental patient is the one put there by a psychiatrist with drugs. Mental illness is no more a real medical disease than spring fever, being lovesick or having a computer virus. Typhoid fever is a real disease, spring fever and mental illness are behaviour choices. Computer viruses and schizophrenia are not diseases but unwanted behaviours. You do not cure depression or shoplifting because they are behaviour choices not diseases. Calling a TV technician because you don't like the program is as absurd as calling a medical doctor to fix a thief. In a vacuum of real medical science, psychiatrists have invented scientific sounding labels in the DSM-5 for common behaviours and scientific sounding Therapeutic Techniques. Christians understand that mental illness is a "sin sick soul" not a disease and is cured by repentance not drugs.




Spirit: "The spirit of a man can endure a sick body, but who can bear a broken spirit?" (Proverbs 18:14)

God has explicitly told us that man has a dichotomous ontology, possessing a distinct body and spirit. The story of the Rich man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31) proves that the spirit is the seat and origin of memory, emotion, mood and choice. Although the physical brains of the Rich man, Lazarus and Abraham were dust, they retained their identity, personality and memories; they experienced mood and emotion and exercised thinking, rationality and freewill choice. All this without a brain! Therefore insanity has a spiritual etiology, and the brain is the organ that merely connects the spirit to the body. Your memory does not reside in your brain, but the spirit. Think of the brain as the USB cable that connects the spirit (CPU) to the body (printer). Psychiatrists have wasted 300 years looking in the brain for the cause and cure of insanity. Using psychiatric drugs and electric shocks on the brain to cure insanity is like hitting your printer's USB cable with a hammer to fix a software problem that has its origin in the CPU. The Christian knows that behaviour is not controlled by body chemicals, but freewill choices that originate in the spirit.




Freewill: "Choose for yourselves today whom you will serve: as for me and my house, we will serve YHWH." (Joshua 24:15)


Biological psychiatrists not only reject the very existence of the human spirit but reject freewill itself. They believe "free will" is simply an illusion created by the electrical charges in our brains and that man is nothing more than a chemical robot. God made man a freewill agent who makes personal choices on what he thinks, believes and does. God is a libertarian who allows us the freedom to choose any sinful behaviour including suicide, but then will judge us for our choices on the last day. Biopsychiatrists view man as a "meat puppet" and a "chemical robot" merely acting out "irresistible impulses" predetermined by DNA and a collection of soups and sparks inside his brain.




Accountability: "For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may be recompensed for his deeds in the body, according to what he has done, whether good or bad." (2 Corinthians 5:10)

The reductionist "meat puppet" view of man and the slogan "don't blame me, my body made me do it" is the origin of the insanity plea and why activist judges sentence rapists and pedophiles to rehabilitation and parole instead of the hard jail time and the death penalty. Christians know that the body tempts the spirit to sin, but never forces mood or choice. God will not excuse an adulterer when he blames his body hormones for his sin.

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Biologic psychiatrists must convince the public that "mental illness is a medical condition" in order to invoke the insanity plea and deny accountability to sinners and criminals.

Churches must stop excusing a member's sinful behaviour because a psychiatrist has turned their sinful behaviour into a disease and given it a scientistic sounding diagnosis label.




Law: "They have beaten us in public without trial, men who are Romans, and have thrown us into prison; and now are they sending us away secretly? No indeed!" (Acts 16:37)

Jails and asylums are two behaviour control systems. Jails are for those who commit crimes and asylums are for those in society who annoy and embarrass us but do not break the criminal code. It is always the family of the insane who make first contact with psychiatrists in order to seek relief of bothersome, unwanted relatives and request they be removed from their house and placed in an asylum jail against their will. Complaining to the police that your wife thinks she is secret top ranking CIA spy is useless because she has broken no laws. Until laws are broken it is a fundamental right to never be arrested or placed in captivity against your will. Even if the myth that schizophrenia is a medical condition (instead of behaviour) were true, it is illegal to force medical treatment on someone against his or her will. A doctor who forces treatment or drugs on a non-consenting person who knows they are sick will go to jail even if it saves their life. A psychiatrist who force commits someone who is suicidal to an asylum and then force drugs them is guilty of a double crime. Psychiatric committal is a violation of the criminal code and doctor-patient ethics.





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The Clinical Textbook of Biblical Psychiatry: Self-Diagnostic System

Why pay a psychiatrist when you can get better advice for free if you are just honest with yourself! The greatest single barrier to solving your own problems is accepting the contributions you have made to cause your own misery. Psychiatrists are so convinced your sinful behaviours are a real disease, they never council you, only drug you. (Medical doctors don't council you as a cure for diabetes they simply treat you.) Psychologists and professional counselors make their money listening to you talk but never give concrete advice for fear of moralizing, being judgmental or violating your autonomy. Instead they coach you to look inside yourself and find your own solutions to your problems.

Master Psychiatric Theorems

Master Psychiatric Theorem #1

All behaviour is a choice. Checklist behaviours. Determine the benefit.

Master Psychiatric Theorem #2

Psychotic behaviour is a solution. Determine the problem.

Psychiatric Self-Diagnostic System:

1.      Fifteen Master Diagnostic Laws EDS-7.7

a.      Law of Narcissistic Behaviour Choice (NBC) EDS-7.7.1.NBC "People choose to engage in behaviours from which they derive some personal benefit."

b.      Law of Derivative Personal Benefit (DPB) EDS-7.7.2.DPB "People quantify the cost/benefit ratio for any chosen behaviour."

c.       Law of Narcissistic Selective Dysfunction (NSD) EDS-7.7.3.NSD "People will choose to become dysfunctional in tasks they dislike and functional in tasks they like."

d.      Law of Domino Problem Transference (DPT) EDS-7.7.4.DPT "People are quite happy creating problems for others in an attempt to solve their own."

e.      Law of Annoyance Toleration Threshold (ATT) EDS-7.7.5.ATT "Relatives, who endure the annoying behaviour choices of the insane, will seek relief when their maximum threshold of toleration is crossed."

f.        Law of Symbiotic Treasury Parasitosis (STP) EDS-7.7.6.STP "The insane and the psychiatrist need each other to "feed off" public treasury for mutual financial survival."

g.      Law of Diagnostic Anosognosia Relativism (DAR) EDS-7.7.7.DAR "The insane reject the diagnosis of the psychiatrist and deny claims they have a chemical imbalance because they know all behaviour, including the psychiatrist's is plotted on the same bell curve."

h.      Law of Psychopathic Modal Catalyst (PMC) EDS-7.7.8.PMC "The insane ignore requests to change their annoying or odd behaviours, but instead seek behaviour changes in others regardless of the harm they cause."

i.        Law of Manipulative Rhetorical Malingering (MRM) EDS-7.7.9.MRM "People who are unable to get what they want with normal modes of communication, will manufacture odd behaviors and conditions to "do the asking for them" in place of words to communicate or achieve their goals."

j.        Law of Habitual Smokescreen Decoy (HSD) EDS-7.7.10.HSD "Psychotic behaviour is a smokescreen to defect attention away from the truth."

k.       Law of Locus Pentaphasic Transmutation (LPT) EDS-7.7.11.LPT "People take 5 years to get from where they do not want to be in the present, to where they want to be in the future".

l.        Law of Pediatric Multifarious Obfuscation (PMO) EDS-7.7.12.PMO "People desire complex explanations for psychotic behaviour because simpler ones can be understood by children."

m.    Law of Anticipatory Warthog Psychosis (AWP) EDS-7.7.13.AWP "Schizophrenia is how the mind rationalizes the irrational."

n.      Law of Total Nefarious Recall (TNR) EDS-7.7.14.TNR "If you cannot remember something, it either never happened, or it's not bothering you. You always remember things that bother you."

o.      Law of Misfortune Culpability Aversion (MCA) EDS-7.7.15.MCA "People avoid taking responsibility for the contribution they have made in creating their own problems."

2.      Self-Diagnostic Systems:

a.      Checklist 155 Sinful Behaviours: DSM-7

b.      Self-diagnosis by 338 Yes/No questions: MMPI-7

c.       Quick Pick Snapsheet: EDS-7.1

3.      Self-Diagnostic Scales:

a.      Annoyance Scale EDS-7.6

b.      Self-disablement Scale: EDS-7.2

c.       Chemical Imbalance Scale: EDS-7.3

d.      Monetary Incentives Scale: EDS-7.5

e.      Benefits Scale: EDS-7.4

                                                              i.      To escape criminal prosecution: EDS-7.4.1

                                                            ii.      Fun, entertainment, relief from boredom and monotony: EDS-7.4.2

                                                          iii.      Attention seeking, pride, praise, honour, fame: EDS-7.4.3

                                                           iv.      Escape duty or life situation: EDS-7.4.4

                                                             v.      Sympathy: EDS-7.4.5

                                                           vi.      Control over others: EDS-7.4.6

                                                         vii.      Alibi for impending failure as an adult or failure at school, work or home: EDS-7.4.7

                                                       viii.      Revenge: EDS-7.4.8

                                                           ix.      Invalidate God's law: Desire for divorce without adultery: EDS-7.4.9

                                                             x.      Smokescreen for secret sin that is soon to be discovered: EDS-7.4.10

                                                           xi.      Avoid deserved rebuke, criticism, shame: EDS-7.4.11

                                                         xii.      Self-punishment for personal failures or to ease a guilty conscience: EDS-7.4.12

                                                       xiii.      Victimhood: EDS-7.4.13

                                                       xiv.      Epicurean hedonism: EDS-7.4.14


The Clinical Textbook of Biblical Psychiatry

Self-Diagnostic System

"Psychiatry" is a Greek word meaning "doctor of the soul"

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© Copywrite 2001-2014 Steven Rudd


Author's Introduction:

I began this book in 2001 when I read that there was no scientific evidence that biochemical neurotransmitter imbalances existed in the brain of schizophrenics. My first reaction was to reject that as ridiculous given the ubiquitous nature of this orthodox belief! Then I remembered my own experience as an atheist who debated Christians on the scientific fact of evolution. Shortly after reading the Bible for the first time and coming to faith, I still remember the cognitive dissonance of being a naturalistic evolutionist AND a Bible believing Christian. I soon learned that there was no scientifically testable evidence of evolution and most of the testable evidence, like genetics, the fossil record and the geologic column, directly supported creation and flood geology. That was many years ago. Back in 2001, after being stunned for a second time about the myth of a biochemical etiology for insanity, I went looking in God's all-sufficient guide for discussion and guidance on how to identify and treat insanity. For several years, I was again trapped in the dilemma of believing the Bible gave advice in all things pertaining to life and godliness, but it was essentially silent on all matters of insanity. Why would the Bible not openly discuss how Christians are supposed to deal with insanity, given the fact that insanity dates back to 1550 BC when its etiology and treatments were openly discussed the Egyptian Medical Ebers Papyrus? I noticed that since the time of Shakespeare, hundreds of books were written on what caused insanity and how to treat it. It bothered me that no such discussion existed in the Bible which was supposed to be God's "all-sufficient" book. Then one day it struck me. Sin doesn't cause "insanity". Sin is insanity. Or stated differently, "Insanity is sinful behaviour." Insanity is a behaviour choice. When I looked closer in the DSM, I noticed that every one of the 300 "mental disorders" were diagnosed on the basis of one or a combination of every day sins that Christians are familiar with. I was glad that when something I believed to fact (evolution) or a foundational doctrine (all-sufficiency of scripture) came into contradiction with the Bible, I chose to believe the Bible was right and my understanding was wrong. Today, when I look for mental illness in the Bible I see it on every page in a checklist of good and bad human behaviours that span the 66 books of the Bible. Insanity is not a disease. Nor is it a state of being that people enter and exit. Insanity is simple human behaviour that biopsychiatrists label as a mental disorder and the Bible labels as sin. Praise be to God for his all-sufficient message delivered by inspiration to man as a manufacturer's repair manual for broken lives and hurting souls. Praise be to Jesus Christ who shed his blood for our failures in life and gave us love, hope, peace, joy and true inner contentment in the midst of common hardships and persecutions for our faith. While Psychiatric and Psychology university professors refuse to define "normal behaviour" but deflect this discussion to the realm of philosophy class, Christian's learn in Sunday school that Jesus is the only black and white standard of normal behaviour and memorize the only "Therapeutic Counseling Technique" they will ever need to use by making bead wristbands with four letters on it: WWJD.


“So we have the prophetic word made more sure, to which you do well to pay attention as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star arises in your hearts. But know this first of all, that no prophecy of Scripture is a matter of one’s own interpretation, for no prophecy was ever made by an act of human will, but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God.” (2 Peter 1:19-21)


“The people who were sitting in darkness saw a great Light. And those who were sitting in the land and shadow of death, upon them a Light dawned.” From that time Jesus began to preach and say, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”” (Matthew 4:16-17)


“I, Jesus, … am the bright morning star.” (Revelation 22:16)




  1. Churches and individual Christians need to wake up to the pure satanic evils of Psychiatry. While many churches and preachers have been warning against Darwinian evolution, humanism and atheism, they give a green light of consent to biopsychiatry which is equally grounded in Darwinian evolution, humanism and atheism. There are many direct parallels in the Christians fight against evolution and chemical psychiatry.
    1. "Missing links" as evidence of evolution are a founding dogma that lack any scientific proof. "Biochemical imbalances" as evidence of a biological cause of insanity are a founding dogma of biopsychiatry that lack any scientific proof. Evolution and chemical psychiatry both lay on a foundation of mythical science.
    2. The Devil loves evolution because it attacks the very existence of God and removes Him as the agent of creation. The Devil loves Biopsychiatry because it redefines every sinful behaviour in the Bible as a disease and removes man as the agent of his own choices.
    3. The Devil loves Evolution because it destroys man's hope causing anxiety and depression because it tells a person they have no purpose, that there is nobody in the universe that really loves them unconditionally, there is no ultimate justice. The Devil loves Biopsychiatry because it teaches men they have no freewill as "meat puppets", acting out irresistible urges with defective brain chemistry with no hope of any improvement and their misery is evidence they are on the short list for natural selection and they would do humanity a favour by removing themselves from the gene pool by committing suicide as the final evidence they are biological misfits and rejects.
    4. The Devil loves Evolution because is takes away all personal responsibility and accountability for behaviour choice being genetic robots. The Devil loves Biopsychiatry because every year new diagnoses are invented to excuse criminal activity as "not responsible for reasons of insanity" and removing guilt by turning sinful choices into medical conditions.
    5. The Devil loves Evolution because in the vacuum of a divine moral code of right and wrong, it turns man into the god of himself and the author of his own moral authority. The Devil loves Biopsychiatry because it replaces the divine moral code of sinful behaviour in the Bible with the atheist's moral code of behaviour in the DSM-5.
    6. The Devil loves schools and teachers because just as creation is not allowed to be taught in the schools in opposition to evolution, so too the spiritual etiology of insanity is not allowed to be taught in opposition to Biopsychiatry's dogma that defective neurotransmitters and chemical brain imbalances cause insanity.
    7. The Devil loves Psychiatrists and Psychologists because they are doubly self-delusional. First for believing the Devil doesn't exist and second, for diagnosing Jesus, Paul, Abraham and Moses as delusional, paranoid schizophrenics because they believe the Devil is real.
    8. Just as it is impossible for a young earth creationist to get a Phd. in geology so too it is impossible for a Christian who believes mood and choice have their origin in the spirit as opposed to the brain to get a Phd. in psychiatry.
  2. Is it too late for the church?
    1. Darwinian evolution has hurt and harmed the church immeasurably even though churches have their guard up and preach against it.
    2. Biopsychiatry is as evil and dangerous to the church as evolution yet the Christians blindly welcome psychiatry as an authority on human behaviour and psychologists as friendly councilors for life's biggest problems.
    3. "I am reminded of Sheldon Kopp's story of the "Just Man who went to Sodom, hoping to save its people from sin and punishment. He cried out to them, preaching in the streets, urging them to change their ways. No one listened, no one responded, and yet he went on shouting his message of warning, his promise of Redemption. Then one day a child stopped him, asking why he went on crying out when there was no hope of being heard. And the Just Man answered: 'When I first came I shouted my message, hoping to change these men. Now I know that I am helpless to change them. If I continue to cry out today, it is only in hope that I can prevent them from changing me." (Manufacturing Victims, Dr. Tana Dineen, 2001, p 283)
  1. In spite of the fact that the most qualified councilors on earth are the elders of a local church that meet the credentials of 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9, church leaders are afraid to call themselves "councilors" for fear of being sued because they didn't take the two week course to attain some man made credential from the local community college when they were 18 years old.
    1. Historically, church ministers were the first "psychiatrists" who corrected the behaviours of the insane. Around 1780 AD, church ministers began to be excluded with the rise of institutional psychiatry.
    2. Today, most church ministers fail to realize that they are immensely more qualified to council than any Biopsychiatrist or Psychologist. Just as Disney's Rafiki told the young "Lion King" after hitting him on the head with his staff: "You have forgotten who you are." Churches that relinquish counseling to any paid, professional counselors, including those who claim to be "church friendly" have abdicated their God given duty to “preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort, with great patience and instruction.” (2 Timothy 4:2)
  1. Church pastors are the gold standard for counseling all human behaviour, including schizophrenia and the entire "paid, credentialed counseling industry" is a cheap, twisted imitation. Having said this, it is important for church ministers and pastors to view counseling as a diversion and distraction from their primary roles and functions. We are not advocating pastors and church ministers to get into the counseling business or set up a counseling network of "certified" non-biopsychiatrically oriented councilors that church members can trust. A church minister's primary role is to evangelize the lost and edify the saved and it is from these he earns his "wages". However, church ministers need to be prepared to help individuals find solutions to the misery they suffer on a case by case basis as they naturally arise and not put adds in the local newspaper and the internet openly advertising their counseling skills for $125 per session. When a church minister "sells his time" for "professional counseling" it is a violation of his post as an active soldier of Christ and he is "entangling himself in the affairs of everyday life". (2 Tim 2:4) Preaching the word is his primary purpose but when he must counsel, it should be viewed as a distraction. This is why we have developed the "Free, three session counseling system", so that the valuable time resources of church ministers and pastors are not needlessly and unnecessarily drained.



The 10 minute Video Challenge

Mental illness is behaviour and not disease. Ritalin is poison not medication. (ADHD)

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The DSM-5 is the Atheist's Moral Code, the psychiatrist's Bible.

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Psychiatric chamber of horrors: more

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(leucotomy or psychosurgery)


Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)


Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS)


Deep brain stimulation (DBS)


Definition of Insanity: Sinful Behaviours are changed with repentance not drugs or shocks.



Just for Laughs: Lost in Psychiatric Space!

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Lost in Space!

Video: Dr. Smith the "Intergalactic Environmental Psychologist"

The Quack psychologist Video!

Dr. Zachary Smith is a specialist in "environmental and intergalactic psychology" and was chosen by Hollywood to be the incompetent villain who stranded himself aboard the very ship he was trying to blow up. Casting him as a psychologist fit the stereotype of a quack and snake oil salesman reductionist psychologists really are.





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Published at sunrise 20 March 2013, the first day of spring! (Matthew 4:16-17; 2 Peter 1:19-21; Revelation 22:16)


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