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Main Revelation Commentary text 325 pages


Josephus Chronology text 56 pages


Daniel commentary: 18 page


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Full-Preterism Refuted 94 pages


Revelation Commentary:

1.      Revelation written in AD 66

2.      Flee Jerusalem or be destroyed in AD 70

3.      The central synchronism is the Ezekiel’s account of the destruction of Jerusalem in 587 BC.






Bible Only Revelation Commentary

Steven Rudd Feb 2018



Preface: Completely understand Revelation in 5 minutes

Intro 1: Ezekiel Decodes Revelation

Intro 2: Jerusalem = Babylon, Sodom, Egypt, The Harlot

Intro 3: Coins, Dead Sea Scrolls & Song of Sabbath Sacrifice

Intro 4: Moses’ Sunset Clause & the extinction of Judaism

Intro 5: The role of Archeology in understanding Revelation

Intro 6: “Days of Messiah” 1st century Jewish eschatology

Intro 7: Why Revelation was written to 7 churches in Asia, not Jerusalem

Revelation Chapters


Rev 5

Rev 11

Rev 17


Rev 6

Rev 12

Rev 18

Rev 1

Rev 7

Rev 13

Rev 19

Rev 2

Rev 8

Rev 14

Rev 20

Rev 3

Rev 9

Rev 15

Rev 21

Rev 4

Rev 10

Rev 16

Rev 22

Dating and Chronology

Dating Revelation to AD 66 and Gospel of John to 98 AD

Old Testament Bible book and chapter dating

Jewish to Julian calendar date converter


Josephus Chronology of destruction of Jerusalem: AD 62-74

The 7 miraculous signs of Josephus AD 65-66

Josephus “2 Witnesses”: Jesus ben Ananus: AD 62-70

Daniel and Revelation

Book of Daniel: 1260 days. 42 months, 70 weeks and 490 years

Full-Preterism Refuted

Full-Preterism Examined and Refuted

By Steven Rudd, Feb 2018: Contact the author for comments, input or corrections



By Steve Rudd February 2018: Contact the author for comments, input or corrections.


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