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Definition of a Mormon:
"Someone who accepts Joseph Smith as a prophet and the book of Mormon (translated from the Nephi Plates) as an inspired message from God."

(Left: Joseph Smith receiving the Nephi Plates from Angel Moroni)

Why we must reject the book of Mormon:

1.      The Book of Mormon does not give us any new information regarding salvation. We have all we need in the New Testament.

2.      The Book of Mormon teaches many things that contradict the New Testament.

3.      The Book of Mormon claims the entire old and New Testaments are essentially worthless being corrupted, lost and altered.

a.      LDS do not know what parts are original or which parts have been corrupted, so they use the Bible as a general guide but hold it at distance and suspicion.

b.      If there are differences between the Bible and the Book of Mormon, they reject the Bible.

c.       In fact there are MORE "lost, altered and changed" sections in the Book of Mormon when you compare the original 1830 Book of Mormon to the current edition, than the few variant readings in the New Testament.

d.      So in spite of claim that the Book of Mormon is superior to the New Testament, such is totally false when you look strictly at the facts.

e.      There are fewer variant readings in the Bible than the Book of Mormon!

4.      The Book of Mormon claims to be a perfect inspired translation.

a.      Unlike the Bible which only claims inspiration in the Original and scholarship in translation, the Book of Mormon claims both the original and the TRANSLATION are inspired and error free.

b.      This opens up a wide range of problems including the broken, bad English spelling and grammar (which we call "reformed hillbilly") of the original 1830 AD edition of the Book of Mormon, the hundreds of additions, deletions (including entire chapters) of the Book of Mormon in editions after 1830 as compared to the present edition.

c.       There are over 5000 papyrus manuscripts of the New Testament and two almost complete copies (~325 AD) wherein we NEVER find bad grammar, spelling errors etc.

d.      The Bible has ZERO grammatical or spelling errors but the first edition of the Book of Mormon looks exactly like what you would expect from someone like the uneducated (but otherwise brilliant) Joseph Smith.

e.      Mormons claims these errors were introduced in one or all of the following ways:

                                                              i.      the Holy Spirit chose to write the Book of Mormon in bad grammar. (if so, then the modern updates violate the wishes of the Holy Spirit who wanted it written that way)

                                                            ii.      the person whom Joseph Smith dictated the words to from the seer stone in the hat copied it wrong. (but first hand accounts of the translation process say the new text would not appear until the copied text was perfect and Joseph would certainly know errors had occurred when he had finished with the translation and simply read it himself.

                                                          iii.      The printing shop made all the grammar, spelling and textual additions and deletions corrected in latter editions. (impossible since Smith never EVER claimed such)

5.      Archeology has found ZERO confirmation of the book of Mormon. The Bible, on the other hand has clear tangible archeological proof of every Bible city, river, nation, king, ruler, coin, country (and hundreds of confirmed Bible stories) have been confirmed from professional archeological controlled digs. It is well known in professional archeological circles that the Book of Mormon has failed to find any connection with the extinct nations of South America (Nasca, Ica etc) and the Book of Mormon. All of the "star archeological witnesses" of the Book of Mormon are either flat out rejected as forgeries, fakes, frauds and fabrications (the 4 F's of archeology) or highly suspect since NONE of them came from controlled professional archeological excavations and ALL of them are unprovenanced.

a.      Book of Mormon COUNTRIES verified from archeology: ZERO

b.      Book of Mormon NATIONS verified from archeology: ZERO

c.       Book of Mormon CITIES verified from archeology: ZERO

d.      Book of Mormon RULERS AND KINGS verified from archeology: ZERO

e.      Book of Mormon RIVERS verified from archeology: ZERO

f.        Book of Mormon LAKES, SEAS verified from archeology: ZERO

g.      Book of Mormon COINS verified from archeology: ZERO

6.      We don't need the Book of Mormon… we have the New testament being infinitely superior in every way.



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"As man is, God once was; as God is, man may be."

God was once just a man!
Man will become equal to God!
God has literal flesh and bones



God had sex with Mary to conceive Jesus

God is considered the literal biological Father of Jesus in the same way that Mary is the literal biological mother of Jesus!



The salvation of Mormon wives depends upon the whim of their Husband!

If a man didn't like his wife on earth, he controls her eternal destiny in the resurrection! Self-esteem is at an all time low for Mormon women! Beware!



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