Ancient Synagogue Inscriptions from Delos, Greece 250 BC

Synagogue Inscriptions from the Oldest Synagogues in the world


Delos, Greece #2: 250 BC

(Samaritan Synagogue)



 A. Delos Synagogue Inscription #2: (One of two inscriptions from Delos)

1.       Inscription text: “The Israelites on Delos who make first-fruit offerings to the temple1 on holy Mt. Gerizim honour Menippos, son of Artemidorus, of Herakleion2, both himself and his descendants, for constructing and dedicating, his own funds, for the synaogue3 of God, the ... and crown him with a gold crown...”

2.       Glyptic artifact: Greek Synagogue inscription on marble

3.       Provenance: Both Delos inscriptions #1 and #2 were found together on the seashore 100 meters from the Synagogue on Delos Island, Greece 1979 AD.

4.       Current location: Delos Museum, Greece

5.       Delos Synagogue Occupation Date (SOD) = Excavation date + Inscriptional date + Literary date = 250 BC

a.         SOD computation system details

b.        Excavation date: Delos excavation top plan 250 BC

c.         Inscriptional date: 250 BC and Delos #1 synagogue inscription

d.        Literary date: none

6.       References:

a.         Les Israélites de Délos et la juiverie délienne, Philippe Bruneau, BCH, p465, 1982 AD

b.        IJO: Inscriptiones Judaicae Orientis, David Noy, vol 1, Arc66, 2004 AD

7.       Related Bible verses:

a.         Woman at the well, “Spirit and Truth” John 4:7-45

b.        Freewill “first fruit offerings” sent to needy Christians in Jerusalem by early Christians: 1 Cor 16:1-2

8.       Further documentation:

a.         Delos inscription: 250 BC

b.        Delos excavation top plan 250 BC


B. Discussion about inscription:

1.      This is one of two Delos inscriptions found together on the shore near the synagogue. See the other Delos inscription #2: 250 BC

2.      “Bruneau dates the inscription to 150-50 BCE on palaeographic grounds. For the significance of oi, iv MIXT for dating, cf. #Ach66. If the dating is correct, it shows striking continuity with #Ach66 in the way the Samaritans of Delos designated themselves, and in the form of wreath used on the stones (unless the wreaths survive from earlier use). The two inscriptions may be closer to each other in time than Bruneau believes.” (IJO: Inscriptiones Judaicae Orientis, David Noy, vol 1, Arc67, p233, 2004 AD)

3.      Bruneau wrongly dated this inscription to 150 BC because quasi-citizenship for foreigners wasn’t granted until the beginning of Athenian control in 166 BC. Bruneau also takes the extreme view that this is not even a synagogue but a prayer.

4.      “The two inscriptions may be closer to each other in time than Bruneau believes” (IJO, Noy, vol 1, p233, 2004)

5.      John Hycranus destroyed the Samaritan temple on Mt Gerizim in 128 BC: Jos. Ant 13:254

6.      Knossos is the capital of Crete Island.


C. Inscription footnotes:

1.      John Hycranus destroyed the Samaritan temple on Mt Gerizim in 128 BC: Josephus Antiquities 13:254-256

2.      His hometown was Herakleion, the port city of Knossos on Island of Crete.

3.      Lit. proseuche = prayer hall. Must be a Samaritan synagogue as opposed to Jewish because Jews would donate to Jerusalem and hated the Samaritans.


D. See also: The Samaritans: Full outline and their history.


E. For full discussion on the Delos Synagogue see: Delos excavation top plan 250 BC



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